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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Ticklah

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Ticklah
(MP3 Podcast on 2013-08-27

Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah is a keyboard player and producer from Brooklyn. He's a founding member of Antibalas, of Sharon Jones' Dap-Kings/Soul Providers (under the name 'Earl Maxton') and of the Easy Star All-Stars. Victor really started producing reggae music 12 years ago, with his second album, released in 2001 on Guidance Recordings under the alias Roots Combination. His third album from 2007 'Ticklah vs. Axelrod', heavily played in Paris DJs mixes, still ranks as one of the greatest roots reggae recordings of the 21st century. He's been sharing his time between session work (Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Lilly Allen, Nickodemus, Sugarman 3, Nas...), engineering/production work (Rob Symeonn, Jahdan Blakamoore, DJ Spinna, Courtney John, The Frightnrs, Maddie Ruthless, Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars...), remixes (Sharon Jones, Alice Russell, Femi Kuti, Lady, Erykh Badu, M.I.A., Curumin, Bob and Gene...), featurings, new productions on the Liondub45 label, deejaying as Ticklah, and of course recording and touring with Antibalas or The Dap-Kings.

Victor visited us last year when Antibalas was playing in Paris, and he's been hitting us with his new productions regularly ever since, including a few selections yet to be released, such as his recent remixes for American indie rock band Wild Belle or Truth and Soul's R'n'B/funk/soul project Lady, his upcoming latest Rob Symeonn production to be released by Jah Youth, or the Brukky project to appear soon on Names You Can Trust

The man hears reggae exactly the way we do and we're deeply into his music. This mix is an opportunity for us to share this love. A HUGE 'Thank You' goes to Victor Axelrod for his help in building this mix, and of course also to Ben Hito for his killer series of artworks for our summer mixes!!

Tracklisting :
01. Lady - Get Ready (Ticklah Remix)
(from 'Get Ready' 7 inch, 2013 / Truth and Soul) info
02. Judah Eskender Tafari - Land Of Confusion (Ticklah Rmx)
(from 'Land Of Confusion' 7 inch, 2011 / Liondub45) info | buy
03. Wild Belle - Keep You (Ticklah Remix)
(from 'Keep You' single, 2013 / Columbia) info
04. Jahdan Blakkamoore - The General Dub (Ticklah Dub)
(from 'The General' 7 inch, 2009 / Liondub45) info | buy
05. The Inversions - Rub The Lamp
(from 'I Can't Stand These Lonely Nights' 7 inch, 2012 / Daptone) info | buy
06. Rob Symeonn and Ticklah - Rob I Land
(from 'Rob I Land' 7 inch, 2011 / Liondub45) info | buy
07. Ticklah - Pork Eater (feat. Rob Symeonn)
(from 'Ticklah vs. Axelrod' album, 2007 / Easy Star Records) info | buy
08. Sluggy Ranks - Nah Bow Down
(from 'Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Presents Roots Combination' compilation, 2001 / Guidance) info
09. Rob Symeonn feat. Ticklah - Jah Only
(from 'Jah Only' single, 2013 / Jah Youth Productions) info | buy
10. Sugar Minott - Praise His Name
(from 'Praise His Name' 7 inch, 2010 / Liondub45) info | buy
11. Brukky - Why Yu Nuh
(from 'Why Yu Nuh' upcoming 7 inch, 2013 / Names You Can Trust) info | buy
12. Easy Star All-Stars - Time Version
(from 'Dub Side Of The Moon' album, 2003 / Easy Star Records) info | buy
13. The Frightnrs - Admiration
(from '12/21/12' digital single, 2012 / self-released) info | buy
14. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan - Stone Cold Dead in the Market (Ticklah Remix)
(from 'Verve Records and Rockstar Games Present LA Noire Remixed' compilation, 2011 / Verve) info
15. Courtney John - Born To Fly
(from 'Born To Fly' 7 inch, 2012 / Liondub45) info | buy
16. Sharon Jones - How Long Do I Have To Wait For You (Ticklah Remix)
(from 'Daptone Records Remixed' compilation, 2008 / Scion Records) info | buy
Total time : 61mn 22s

Find all the original cover artworks from the records played in this mix on

Credits :
Selection by Djouls from the Paris DJs Soundsystem ( with the help of Ticklah
Mix and audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
Ticklah : discogs | facebook | juno | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | wikipedia
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook

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Anthony Joseph - West Indies Vintage Funk Vol.3

Anthony Joseph - West Indies Vintage Funk Vol.3 - Voodoo Funk
(MP3 Podcast on 2013-08-20

British/Trinidadian poet/musician Anthony Joseph already offered us with 3 exclusive mixes: 'Roots and Influences' (dec. 2008), 'The Rubber Orchestra Paris DJs Mix Part 1' (sept. 2011) and 'Part 2' (dec. 2011). Hot on the heels of his summer tour dates and live album release ('Live In Bremen'), Anthony's back with a superb mix of Voodoo Jazz, the third in the series of 'West Indies Funk' selections after Loik and Djouls' ones (still available here and there)… Expect a lot of cool songs and grooves from Trinidad and more Caribbean islands music!

Tracklisting :
01. Ella Andall - Hello Africa
(from 'Hello Africa' 12 inch, 1976 / Shorty) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
02. Art De Coteau - Kereika Woman
(from 'Inaugural' LP, 1978 / Abraham) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
03. Lord Nelson - Shango
(from 'Black Gold' album, 1978 / Richie's Music Productions) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
04. King Wellington - Shango
(from 'Sooner Or Later' album, 1977 / Kalinda) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
05. Brother Resistance - Crucial Decision (Rapso)
(from 'Crucial Decision' 12 inch, 1980s / Network) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
06. Wild Fire - Do Not Climb Picker Tree
(from 'Wild Fire' LP, 1975 / Kala Loo) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
07. Theophilus Homer - So Ungrateful
(from 'Why Can't We Love Each Other' 7 inch, 1978 / Semp)
08. Exile One - Which One Is Me Home?
(from 'Exile One' album, 1974 / Disque Debs) DOMINICA info
09. Claude "Fats" Green Featuring Pritchard - Carib Soul
(from 'Fats Shake 'Em Up' album, 1973 / Camille) PANAMA info
10. Gemini Brass - The Time Is Right Now
(from 'The Time Is Right!' album, 1977 / Gemini) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
11. Kalyan - Trini-Vibes
(from 'Trini-Vibes' album, 1977 / MCA) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
12. Michael Boothman Touch Featuring Charmaine Forde - Waiting For Your Love
(from 'Waiting For Your Love' 12 inch, 1980 / Touch Production) BARBADOS info
13. John John - Soul
(from 'Citagrandson' album, 2013 / Highway) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
14. Beckett - Coming Higher
(from 'Coming Higher' album, 1978 / First River) GRENADINES info
15. Kalyan - Down on Frederick Street
(from 'Volume One - What We Gonna Do Next?' compilation, late 1970s / Village)
16. Lord Superior - White Man Wife
(from 'Calypso @ Dirty Jim's' soundtrack, 2005 / Caribbean Music Group) info
17. Bomber - United States of the West Indies
(from 'Calypso @ Dirty Jim's' soundtrack, 2005 / Caribbean Music Group) info
18. Lord Kitchener - Africa My Home
(from 'Africa My Home' 78, 1952 / Melodisc) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
19. Ella Andall - Elegbara Mo Feran O (fe Ro)
(from 'Moforibale Esu' compilation, 2007 / Ella Andall) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
Total time : 66mn 46s

Check the original cover artworks on

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Anthony Joseph (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
Anthony Joseph : official | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | wikipedia | youtube
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook

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Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp Records) - I Got Hope

Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp Records) - I Got Hope Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp Records) - I Got Hope
(MP3 Podcast on 2013-08-13

Paris DJs' favorite Funk, Soul and Jazz German label Tramp Records is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, with many exciting releases, albums, 45s, 'The Story Of' series, the second volume in the 'Feeling Nice' series, and Santa's Funk and Soul Christmas Party Vol.2! Our series of summer mixes was the perfect opportunity to join this celebration, and the label manager/A&R Tobias Kirmayer has prepared for this special occasion a very cool and eclectic selection of grooves that should enlighten this uber-calm mid-august period of the year… including to exclusive mashups of Hip Hop a capellas with some trippy Jazz! For all things Tramp Records on Paris DJs, check our tag...

Tracklisting :

01. The Nextmen 'Break The Mould' vs. The Soul Session 'Hamjam (Tofu Mix)'
(a capella from 'Break The Mould' 12 inch, 1999 / Scenario) info | buy
(instrumental from 'One' album, 2011 / Agogo) info | buy
02. Jurassic 5 'Red Hot' vs. Dragonfly 'Angel Dust'
(a capella from 'Red Hot' 12 inch, 2005 / Up Above Records) info | buy
(instrumental from 'Timestream' album, 1998 / Sweet Mother Recordings) info
03. DJ Friction - Rap Actors feat.  Bazooka Joe Gotti
(from 'On My Way' 12 inch, 2001 / Four Music) info | buy
04. Winter - Bones
(from 'Open Up Your Eyes' 7 inch, 1977 / North Wind Muzic Company)
(appears on 'California Funk' compilation, 2010 / Jazzman) info | buy
05. Counts - Chitlins etc.
(from 'Clyde, Clyde The Cows Outside' 7 inch, 1965 / Panorama 9) info | more info
06. Rock Robbins - Good Lovin'
(from 'Good Lovin' 7 inch, 1966 / My 2909 Records) info
07. The Qualitons - Rolling The Bones
(from 'Rolling the Bones' 7 inch, 2012 / Tramp Records) info | buy
08. The Hi-Fly Orchestra - I Got Hope feat. Julia Fehrenberger
(from 'Get Ready' album, 2013 / Agogo Records) info | buy
09. Iris Bell Trio Feat. Butch Miles - Baby, You've Got Soul
(from 'Movements 5' compilation, 2013 / Tramp Records) info | buy
10. George Fischoff - Don Jose
(from 'Jazz With Luigi' album, 1963 / Hoctor Records) info
11. Mose Allison - You Can Count On Me To Do My Part
(from 'Mose In Your Ear' album, 1972 / Atlantic) info
12. Herb Geller - Rhyme and Reason Time
(from 'An American In Hamburg - The View From Here' album, 2013 reissue / Tramp Records) info | buy
13. Society, Inc. - Precious Weed
(from 'Precious Weed' 7 inch, 1970s / Bet Records) info
Total time : 45mn 00s

Check the original cover artworks on

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Tobias Kirmayer (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
Tobias Kirmayer's Tramp Records : official | bandcamp | discogs | kudos (UK distribution) | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | youtube

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Todd Simon's United States of Dub Vol.2

Todd Simon - The United States of Dub
(MP3 Podcast on 2013-08-06

We introduced our readers and listeners to Todd Simon's work in his 2012 mix for Paris DJs, 'The United States Of Dub', both showcasing some of America's best Dub producers and representing a sound that pays respect to Jamaica and the UK. Well if you enjoyed that one, you should love this volume 2… and you can also check our latest compilation 'Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors', which includes the first single of Todd Simon's Ethio-Cali Ensemble!

Tracklisting :

01. The Expanders meet J. Bonner - Dub Beast
(unreleased/exclusive) info | buy LP
02. Te'Amir - Battle of Adwa
(from 'L.A. Soul' album, 2011 / self-released) info | download
03. Romanowski - Sol Cumbia (Freeformer Toddy T Psycho Dub)
(from 'The Return Of Steady Rocking Romanowski and Friends' album, 2013 / Trouser Trout) info | buy
04. Max Tannone - Kampala Truth Work
(from 'Mos Dub' album, 2010 / self released)info | download
05. The Decoders feat. Leon Ware  - Baby This Love I Have (Adam Berg Dub mix)
(from' Dub Mixes, Vol. 1', 2013 / self-release) info | buy
06. The Lions - Roll It Round Dub
(unreleased, Paris DJs exclusive) info
07. David Andrew Sitek feat, Roofeeo, The Sweet and Sour Horns, Salt N Pepa and Big Youth - Shoop Lion
(from 'Shoop Lion' limited free download, 2012 / Federal Prism) info | download
08. NeXt LeVeL Productions feat. Black Shakespeare - Mama Earth
(from 'Sunken City' soundtrack, 2012 / Dog and Pony Show Productions) info
09. Ticklah - Descent
(from 'Ticklah vs. Axelrod' album, 2007 / Easy Star Records) info | buy
10. Beat Pharmacy - Slow Down
(from 'Constant Pressure' album, 2006 Deep Space Media) info | buy
Total time : 43mn 52s

A track-by-track commentary and all the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Todd Simon (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
Todd Simon : official | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook

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