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Dustytape - Vamo A Pescar - A Selection of Solid Old School Panamean Music
Vamo A Pescar - A Selection of solid old school Panamean Music by Dustytape
(MP3 Podcast on 2008-10-25

Tracklisting :
01. Willie Colon - La Murga
(from 'Asaltos Navidenos' compilation, 2007 / Fania, originally released in 1970)
02. Ruben Blades - Juan Pachanga
(from 'Bohemio y Poeta' album, 1979 / Fania)
03. Tambores De Mi Pueblo - Oiga Oiga Que Se Va
(from 'El Reganon Monagrillo' album / Discoteca Sophy)
04. Los Fabulous Festivals - El Mensaje
(from 'Panama! - Latin Calypso and Funk on the Isthmus 1965-75' compilation, 2006 / Soundway)
05. Los Silvertone - Desengano No
(from 'Las Clasicas De Los Combos Nacionales' compilation / Discos Ismenos)
06. Bush y su Sonido Nuevo - El 9 De Enero
(from 'Bush Y Su Sonido Nuevo' LP)
07. The Exciters - Yo, Que Nada Tengo
(from 'The Exciters' album, late '60s? / Tamayo)
08. Conjunto Folklarico Tonosi - Manuel F. Zarate
09. The Persuaders - Corre Caminos
(from 'Las Clasicas De Los Combos Nacionales' compilation / Discos Ismenos)
10. Unknown Artist - La Murga
(from 'Mofongo Para El Alma - Seleccionado Por Quantic' promo mix CD, 2006 / Discos Mulato)

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Info :
Selected and mixed by DustyTape (

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Loik - Norman Is The One!
Loik - Norman Is The One!
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked, 2008-10-05

A tribute to Norman Whitfield :
In the past, you might have stumbled upon on of our summer mixes, cooked by one of our DJs, called... Norfield Whitman. As most of us here in the Paris DJs crew, he's just another NORMAN WHITFIELD passionate. As a frequent reader of this blog, you probably already know about the man. Norman Whitfield is a giant in our books, a legend of Psychedelic Soul, one of the most talented songwriters, producers and arrangers of all time. Nuff' said. R.I.P. Norman, you're the one!

Tracklisting :
01. The Temptations - Hum Along and Dance
(from 'Psychedelic Shack' album, 1970 / Motown)
02. The Undisputed Truth - You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth
(from 'Face To Face With The Truth' album, 1972 / Gordy)
03. Yvonne Fair - Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On
(from'The Bitch Is Black' album, 1975 / Motown)
04. Gladys Knight and The Pips - Friendship Train
(from 'Anthology' compilation, 1973 Motown)
05. The Undisputed Truth - UFO'S
(from 'Cosmic Truth' album, 1975 / Gordy)
06. Rose Royce - Do It, Do It
(from 'Rose Royce Strikes Again' album, 1978 / Whitfield Records)
07. The Temptations - Let Your Hair Down
(from '1990' album, 1973 / Motown)
08. Yvonne Fair - It Should Have Been Me
(from'The Bitch Is Black' album, 1975 / Motown)

The original record covers are available on

Credits :
Layout artwork by Djouls (
Photo borrowed from inside artwork of The Temptations 'Solid Rock' gatefold sleeve LP
Selected and mixed and mastered by Loik (

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