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Grant Phabao and Djouls - African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.1
Grant Phabao and Djouls - African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC095, 2006-02-21

Info :
Don't be misled by the calm and tripping opening Kenyan track from Mombasa, which is just an introduction to the afro grooves that are offered afterwards. After this, you may then embark on a tribalistic trip to Nigeria, with afrofunk marvels from the Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa (find the album!), Nkengas, and The Apostles. Your voyage will also visit South Africa, with 70's afropop oddities by Jabula and Assagai, and Cameroon, with the afro space jazz of Franck Biyong and Massak. In order to be accurate in this mashed mix of various afro meals, we also couldn't leave you without another slice of Antibalas magic, who are, along with frenchman Doctor L, leading the now worldwide afrobeat scene into the 21st century with an undeniable, exceptional, revolutionnary and graceful talent for going forward. And big thanks to Mackdaddy who gave me access to his vast collection of African Music for this selection of Afro Funk and Soul 1971-2004.

Tracklisting :
01. Mombasa - Holz II
(from 'African Rhythm & Blues 2' 1976 / Spiegelei) KENYA
02. Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa - Greedy Man
(from 'Greedy Man' 1977 / Decca) NIGERIA
03. Nkengas - Jungle Beat
(from 'Destruction' 1973 / Orbitone) NIGERIA
04. Jabula - Harvest Part II
(from 'Thunder In Our Hearts' 1975 / Virgin) SOUTH AFRICA
05. The Apostles - Black Is Beautiful
(from 'Black Is Beautiful' 1972 / EMI) NIGERIA
06. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - R.O.C.
(from 'Tour EP' 2001 / Afrosound) USA
07. Franck Biyong and Massak - Afro Map Of Space
(from 'ASAP - The Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project' 2004 / Modiba) FRANCE/CAMEROON
08. Assagai - Hey Jude
(from 'Assagai' 1971 / Vertigo) SOUTH AFRICA

Original Covers :
Available on

Credits :
Selected by Djouls and Mackdaddy, mixed by Grant Phabao (T.I.M.E.C.)
Artwork by Djouls
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Loik - Charles Is The One Vol.1
Loik - Charles Is The One Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked, 2006-03-10

Charles Stepney is still a rather obscure name, even though he's one of the major contributors to black music's evolution in the 60's and 70's. And yet if you search on the Net you can only find 2 fuzzy photographs of the Man. That's why we thought we could, with this podcast, lay a first stone for the pyramid he rightfully deserves, the monument which us, real Soul lovers, ought to built for him.
Vibraphonist, then arranger and one genius of a producer: The Dells, Muddy Waters, Rotary Connection, Earth Wind & Fire, Deniece Williams, he is the one who discovered the angelic Minnie Ripperton and the soulful Terry Callier when he was producer for the cult chicagoan label Cadet.
Stepney is all about the orchestrations and arrangements, with their completely unique psychedelic flamboyance. Check here his version of 'Dear Prudence' (the Beatles) by Ramsey Lewis or the brilliant 'Black Gold' from Phil Upchurch. You'll get what I'm talking about.
Thus let's make a star of him on the same level as Axelrod and other worshipped producers from the 70's. May the name and work of Charles Stepney spread itself on the webs out there and give inspiration to all cos Ain't No Doubt About It:
Charles is the one!!

Links :
A cool bio:
Downbeat Magazine, November 26, 1970: "For The Record: Charles Stepney" by Edwin Black

Tracklisting :
01. Minnie Ripperton - Les Fleurs
(from 'Come To My Garden', 1970 / GRT)
02. Ramsey Lewis - Dear Prudence
(from 'Mother Nature's Son', 1968 / Cadet)
03. Phil Upchurch - Black Gold
(from 'Upchurch', 1969 / Cadet)
04. Terry Callier - You Goin' Miss Your Candyman
(from 'What Color Is Love', 1972 / Cadet)
05. The Dells - Free And Easy
(from 'Freedom Means', 1971 / Cadet)
06. The New Rotary Connection - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
(from 'Hey Love', 1971 / Cadet)
07. Marlena Shaw - Liberation Conversation
(from 'Spice Of Life', 1969 / Cadet)

Original covers :
Available on!

Info :
Selected and mixed by Dj Loik (Kraked)
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Manu Boubli - Tribute To Henri Guedon
Manu Boubli - Tribute To Henri Guedon
(exclusive MP3 mix for Comet/Mind, 2005-03-03
File under : Salsa/Zouk

Info :
Percussionnist, painter and poet, Henri Guedon died a few days ago in Paris. The man who brought the Fania sound to Paris, the first French musician to have played with the masters of the afro-cuban music (Sabu Martinez, Ray Barretto, Marty Sheller...) deserved that an ultimate au revoir... Between classics and rarities (the album he did with Brazilian Solon Gon�§alves in Paris!), "Ca Ka Zouke" on the sound of the Antilles!

Tracklisting :
01. Henri Guedon Zouk Experience - Babille Cepa Pale
(from 'Percussion Des Antilles' 1977 / Epic)
2. Henri Guedon - Shiga Swing
(from 'Les Parisian's All Stars' 196? / Cabaz)
3. Henri Guedon - Carnaval Nou
(from 'La Contesta' 197? / Discocombo)
4. Henri Guedon - Sainte-Marie
(from 'Cosmozouk Percussion' 1974 / Epic)
5. Solon Goncalves & Son Orchestre - Macuba
(from 'En Direct Des Antilles: Biguines, Mazurkas, Marchimbas...' 1972 / Epic)
6. Henri 'Kike' Guedon Et Les Contesta - El Ciuda' Noy El Campesino
(from 'Henri Guedon Et Les Contesta' 1972 / Aux Ondes Disques Celini)
7. Henri Guedon - Faut Pas Pousser
(from 'Salsa Dans Le Bronx' 1980 / RCA)
8. Henri Guedon Zouk Experience - Machapia
(from 'Percussion Des Antilles' 1977 / Epic)
9. Anzala, Dolor Velo - Tifi La Ou Te Madam'
(from 'Anzala, Dolor, Velo' 197? / Aux Ondes Disques Celini)

Original covers :
Available on

Info :
Selected and mixed by Manu Boubli (Comet/Mind)
Photos from Manu Boubli archives.
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Tribute To Ray Barretto - A Dustytape Selection
Tribute To Ray Barretto - A Dustytape Selection
(MP3 Podcast on 2006-03-01

R.I.P. Ray

After Lou Rawls, Wilson Pickett, Henri Guedon (a "Tribute To Henri Guedon" mix by Manu Boubli will be available next friday on, Jay Dee, Lynden David Hall... now maestro Barretto has passed on, leaving the building to go jam up there with his pals Mongo Santamaria and Chano Pozo. f you don't know the guy read his bio on AllMusic and if not go feed your IPod (or ITunes) with this mix...

Tracklisting :
01. Horace Parlan - Congalegre (feat. Ray Barretto)
(from 'Headin south', 1960 / Blue Note)
02. Ray Barretto - Trompeta y trombon
(from 'Latino con Soul' 1967 / United Artists)
03. Ray Barretto - Tin Tin Deo
(from 'Together', 1969 / Fania)
04. Ray Barretto - Together
(from 'Together', 1969 / Fania)
05. Ray Barretto - No Me Molestes Mas
(from 'Descarga Criolla', 1995 compilation / Palladium)
06. Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Jazz A Samba (feat. Ray Barretto)
(from 'Afro-Jaws', 1969 / Riverside)
07. Ray Barretto - Acid
(from 'Acid', 1967 / Fania)
08. Ray Barretto - Cocinando
(from 'Que Viva La Musica', 1972 / Fania)
09. Ray Barretto - Pastime Paradise
(from 'La Cuna', 1981 / CTI)

Info :
Selected and mixed by DustyTape (
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