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Digger's Digest - Les Doigts Sales Vol.2
Digger's Digest - Les Doigts Sales Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast on 2007-06-28

Info :
Monsieur Ash and one of his record collector friends have contacted us offering this "Jerk 45" selection for Paris DJs. Their mix is a pot-pourri of French and European 70s sounds that they digged during the year 2005, with a lot of editing, cut'n'paste-style. This is the second part of the mix. The first part is still available...

Tracklisting :
We're sorry there's no tracklisting, as "there are way too many records played in this mix to list them all"...

Links : (rare records for sale in many styles)

Info :
Selected and mixed by Monsieur Ash ( and Le Drum Beat (

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Steinski - Nothing To Fear - A Rough Mix (part 2)
Steinski - Nothing To Fear - A Rough Mix (part 2)
(bootleg CD/MP3 Podcast on Soul T'ing CDSTEINNOTH, 2007-06-22

Info :
I sincerily hope you've heard about the man Steinski before, through his famous megamixes with Double Dee ["The Payoff Mix", "Lesson 2 (The James Brown Mix)", "Lesson 3 (The History Of Hiphop)", "Jazz"], through his releases with Mass Media ["The Motorcade Sped On", "We'll Be Right Back", "Let's Play It Cool", "It's Up To You"]. Those were incredible, exceptional and amazing cut'n'paste bombs launched during the 80s and the 90s. If you haven't heard these, it's still high time to educate yourselves. Thankfully, they're all available out there in blogs, on the p2p and such...

Steinski is indeed one of the pioneers of sample-based breaks mixes that have been flourishing with the advent of file-spreading. I've had the chance to meet him in Paris during his Red Bull Academy course, thanks to Fred Elalouf's Ping Pong agency, and when I contacted him to come and join the Paris DJs party, he got hooked with the concept of 30 mn thematic mixes right away. He offered us to put up one of his past mixes to advertise the new one he'll especially cook for for us in a few months time!

We've chosen to re-play the "Nothing To Fear - A Rough Mix" program he had done for Coldcut's legendary Solid Steel Radio show from a few years back. The mix has been bootleged on CD and vinyl at the time. We've split it in two parts and had Grant Phabao mastering it for mp3 podcasting. Here's the second half. Enjoy!

Tracklisting :
01. B-Beat Classic (Airwave Interlude)
02. Funk Construction (Prodigal Son Mix)
03. Them That's Not (Cash Mix)
04. Swan Lake (Beat Poets Mix)
05. Here We Come (Death Mix)
06. Product Of The Environment (Redfern Gowanus Electro Mix)
07. By Any Means Necessary (Malcolm & Bobby Mix)
08. The Art Of Getting Jumped
09. I Like It Like That (Scratch It One Time Mix)
10. Solid Air (Junk Mood Mix)
11. Country Grammar (Hydro Mix)
12. Let's Get It On (Reprise Dub)
13. Muscles (Mistake Interlude)
14. Easin' In (Pedro's Letter Mix)
15. It's Time To Testify (MC5 Mix)
16. The Acid Test
17. Silent Partner (Peace Out)

Links :

Credits :
Produced for Solid Steel/BBC London
Blame Steinski for everything
Cuts by f. Olding Munny & the Poolroom Loafer
Produced and mixed at Reckless Spenders (NYC)
Mastered by Dan (The Man)
Remastered for mp3 by Grant Phabao (

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Erik Rug - Waxgroove Vol.2

Erik Rug - Waxgroove Vol.2
(MP3 podcast on Les Disques Du Telegraphe, 2007-06-14

Info :
Don't miss the Waxgroove night hosted by Erik Rug and Dynamax on Saturday, June, 16th at Le Nouveau Casino in Paris!!

Tracklisting :
01. Material - Reduction
(from 'Temporary Music 2' 12 inch, 1981 / Red Records)
02. Bunny Wailer - Back to school dub (Wax Edit)
(original version appears on 'Back To School' 12 inch, 1982 / Solomonic)
03. Cameo - Groove With You (Wax Edit)
(original version appears on 'She's Strange' 12 inch, 1984 / Club)
04. Deco - I'm So Glad I Met You (Wax Edit)
(original version appears on 'Fresh Idea' LP, 1983 / Qwest)
05. Brick - Dazz (Disco Jazz) (Wax Edit)
(original version appears on 'Dazz' 12 inch, 1976 / Bang Records)
06. The Circle City Band - Magic (Wax Edit)
(original version appears on 'Magic' 12 inch, 1983 / Circle City Records)
07. The Brothers Johnson - Welcome 2 the club (Wax Edit)
(original version appears on 'Welcome To The Club' 7 inch, 1982 / A and M)
08. Cybotron - Clear (Jeff Cruz Edit)
(original version appears on the 'Enter' album, 1983 / Fantasy)
09. Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Funkafilia Edit)
(original version appears on '19' 7 inch, 1985 / Chrysalis)
10. Egyptian Lover Party (Wax Edit)
(original version appears on 'Party' 12 inch, 2005 / Egyptian Empire Records)

Original cover artworks :
Available with complete info and links on!

Credits :
Artwork by Fourmy (
Mixed, selected and eventually re-edited by Erik Rug (
Additional jingles performed by Dynamax (of the zulu nation)
Erik Rug appears courtesy of Les Disques Du Telegraphe (

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Freestyle - Mixed By Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp Records)
Freestyle - mixed by Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp Records)
(MP3 podcast on 2007-06-12

Info :
Today we are celebrating the release of a brand new supa-funky compilation, "This Is My Thing", on the famous (in our book) german deep funk label Tramp Records, run by Tobias Kirmayer. Expect a full Tramp Records discography on our Tru Thoughts obsession website (with a lot of info on today's nu-jazz and deep funk scene) later this week...

Le fil RSS
[comment faire?/how to?]

Tracklisting :
01. House Guests - My Mind Set Me Free Pt.2
(from 'My Mind Set Me Free' 7 inch, 1972 / House Guests)
02. Whitefield Bros. - The Bastard
(from 'In The Raw' 7 inch, Soul Fire / 2001)
03. The Mohawks - Give Me Some
(from 'Give Me Some More' 7 inch, 1970 / Pama Supreme)
04. Phirpo Y Sus Caribes - Comencemos
(from 'Let's Start' 7 inch, 2007 / Soundway)
05. Crate Soul Brothers - Flyin' Down To Rio
(from 'Various- Panorama album taster#1' 12 inch, 2004 / Perfect Toy)
06. Free the Robots - Jazzhole
(from 'Free The Robots' 12 inch, 2006 / Elsewhere Studios)
07. Fresh Mark & Black Hawk - I Got The Number
(from 'I Got The Number' 7 inch, 2007 / Number Nine Records)
08. Levert Allison - Sugar Daddy
(from 'You Made A World' 7 inch, 1970 / Elbejay)
09. Billy Garner - Brand New Girl
(from 'Super Funk 2' compilation, 2001 / BGP)
10. Slim & The Soulful Saints - Fish Head
(from 'Fish Head' 7 inch, 1970 / Cal)
11. The Boogoos - Bubbles Part 2
(from 'Bubbles' 7 inch, 2007 / Tramp Records)
12. Phirpo Y Sus Caribes - Comencemos
(from 'Let's Start' 7 inch, 2007 / Soundway)
13. The Souljazz Orchestra - Mista President/Insurrection
(from 'Mista President' 7 inch, 2007 / Do Right! Music)
14. Ugly Duckling - Dizzy VS Andy
(from 'Bang For A Buck' album, 2005 / Handcuts)
15. Rubberneck - As If
(from 'As If EP' CD-Single, 2004 / Jazz Girl)
16. Delinquent Habits - Another Fix
(from 'Delinquent Habits' album, 1996 / RCA)

Full artwork covers and info available on

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Tobias Kirmayer (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Djouls (

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