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Loik - La Sono Mondiale Vol.1
Loik - La Sono Mondiale Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked, 2009-04-28

We couldn't call this 'World Music' cos' the term doesn't mean squatt. We thought it could be some kind of 'Oriental Flavour' thing but then what about the brazilian jazz track in there? Then we remembered Loik Dury used to do the programmation for Radio Nova in France for so many years, bringing to the scene what Jean-Francois Bizot had called 'La Sono Mondiale'. This mix is perfect example of that spirit. Rare groove with no limits whatsoever.

Tracklisting :
01. Ananda Shankar - Charging Tiger
(from 'Sa-re-ga Machan' LP, 1981 / Emi India)
02. Airto - Peasant Dance
(from 'Virginland' LP, 1974 / CTI)
03. Usha Uthup - Chhupke Kaun Aya (Michael Jackson cover)
(from '24 Carats' LP, Inrecco India)
04. Monsoon - Ever So Lonely
(from 'Third Eyes' LP, 1983 / Phillips Japan)
05. Unknow - Sumak
(from 'Les Edits du Golem Vol.1' 12 inch, 2007 / Les Edits du Golem)
06. Rahul Dev Burman - Aa Dekhen Jara
(from 'Rocky' original soundtrack, 1980 / Polydor India)

Original record covers are available, as usual, on Paris DJs blog. Don't forget to check the site for current music news, upcoming releases you've never heard about elsewhere, virtual releases, live shows info, etc.

Info :
Selected and mixed by Loik (
Artwork by Djouls (

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Grant Phabao & Djouls - 21st Century Blaxploitation Vol.2
Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Blaxploitation Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2009-02-26

We had so much feedback and praise from our first animated movie starring vintage shots of Pam Grier in her prime, animation fused with real-time shooting, uncanny 3D special effects and the such that we decided to shoot a sequel. Here's the soundtrack to that new movie 21st Century Blaxploitation volume 2. Expect hip hop, psychedelic soul, latin grooves and, of course, wah wah funk! All those tracks are just HUGE. Repeated play is advised.

Tracklisting :
01. Josh Martinez and Moves - Splitsville feat. Awol One
(from 'Splitsville' double EP, 2007 / Camobear)
more info on
02. DJ Shadow - This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) feat. The Heliocentrics
(from 'This Time I'm Gonna Try It My Way' single, 2006 / Island)
more info on
03. Palov and Mishkin - Merenda
(from 'Rebtuz Volume 23' 12 inch, 2007 / Rebtuz)
more info on
04. Chris Joss and His Orchestra - The Suitcase
(from 'The Man With A Suitcase' album, 1999 / Pulp Flavor)
more info on
05. Rjd2 - All For U
(from 'Magnificent City Instrumentals' album, 2006 / Decon)
more info on
06. Mr. Chop - The Caveman
(from 'Sounds From The Cave' 12 inch, 2008 / Jazz&Milk)
more info on
07. Energie du Verre - Rockin' Habanera
(from 'United Ancestors' album, 2008 / Batterie)
more info on
08. Black Grass - Queztalcoatl Returns
(from 'Three' album, 2008 / Catskills)
more info on

Original record covers are available on Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected, mixed and designed by Grant Phabao and Djouls (T.I.M.E.C.)
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

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Snap Ant presents The Silver Selva
Snap Ant presents The Silver Selva
(MP3 podcast on Snap Ant, 2009-04-23

Snap Ant, bass player from Super Numeri, granted us with one of our most downloaded mixes two years ago, a psychedelic mashed-up mix called 'In Dark Threes'. We're proud to say he's now back on with a new full tripping megathing of 58 tracks in 38 minutes that goes from psychedelic rock to new-wave, from library music to blues, from jazz to soundtracks, pop and hip pop... Expect an amazing construct of sounds and colors and plan some heavy tripping for your speakers!

Tracklisting :
01. Flaviola e o Bando do Sol / Canto Funebre (from 'Flaviola e o Bando do Sol', 1974 Solar)
02. Ralph Lundsten / Prayer 7 - Deliver Us from Evil (from 'Fadervar', 1972)
03. Basil Kirchin / Special Relativity (from 'Quantum', 2003 Trunk)
04. Iggy and the Stooges / Tight Pants (from 'I'm Sick Of You!', 1996 Bomp)
05. Daniel (A.I.U) Higgs Interdimensional Song-Seamstress / Moharsing and Schoenhut (from 'Ancestral Songs', 2006 Holy Mountain)
06. Electric Wizard / Vinum Sabathi (from 'Dopethrone', 2000 Rise Above)
07. Vernon Elliot / Clangers Original Television Music (2001, Trunk)
08. Ray Cathode / Waltz In Orbit (from 7 inch, 1962 EMI)
09. Chants Populaires Tahitiens / Chant D'Amour (from 'Robert Crumb: Presents Hot Women Singers', 2003 EFAS)
10. Link Wray / Ace Of Spades (from 7 inch, 1965 Swan)
11. Stars of the Lid / Jan. '69 (from 'Gravitational Pull Vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life', 1996 Sedimental)
12. Faust / Meadow Meal (from 'Faust', 1971 Polydor)
13. My Bloody Valentine / Glider (from 'Glider', 1990 Creation)
14. Neil Young / The Loner (from 'Neil Young', 1968 Reprise)
15. Alice Coltrane / The Sun (from 'A Monastic Trio', 1968 Impulse!)
16. Milton Nascimento / Cozinha (from 'Maria Maria/Ultimo Trem', 2000 Far Out)
17. Agha-Ye Sadjadifard / Bedah-e navazi santur (Impromptu on the santur) (from 'The Music of Islam, Vol. 12: Music of Iran', 1998 Celestial Harmonies)
18. Joy Division / Warsaw (from 'Warsaw', 1994 Movieplay Gold)
19. The Erik Brickland Survival Scheme / Case 4 (from 'The Early Cases Vol. 3', cdr 2001)
20. Armando Sciascia / Psicosi Depressiva (from 'Metempsyco', Dagored 2001)
21. Ralph Lundsten / Prayer 6 - Lead Us Not Into Temptation (from 'Faderbar', 1972)
22. Unknown / Who's Afraid (from 'How Do I Learn', Unknown)
23. Walter Schumann / Pretty Fly (from 'The Night of The Hunter' Motion Picture, 1955 United Artists)
24. Canned Heat / On The Road Again (from 7 inch, 1968 Liberty)
25. Caetano Veloso / AcrilĂ­rico (from 'Caetano Veloso', 1969 Philips)
26. Wilco / Wishful Thinking (from 'A Ghost Is Born', 2004 Nonesuch)
27. Cabaret Voltaire / Seconds Too Late (from 'The Original Sound of Sheffield '78/'82', 2002 Mute)
28. Cliff Martinez / Is This What Everybody Wants (from 'Solaris' Motion Picture, 2002 Superb)
29. Chib / + (from 'Moco', 2004 Fatcat)
30. Brian Hodgson / Tardis Computer (from 'Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Volume 1: the Early Years 1963-1969', 2005 Mute)
31. Luigi Zito / Movimento (from 'Miscellenea' 1969 SR)
32. Dr. Timothy Leary / The Tune In (from 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out', 1967 ESP-Disk)
33. Captain Beefheart / Clear Spot (from 'Clear Spot', 1972 Reprise)
34. Pierre Henry / Trafic (from 'La Ville. Die Stadt', 1994 Wergo)
35. Excerpt from 'Cafe Flesh' Motion Picture (1982)
36. Grey / Drum Mode (from 'Downtown 81', 2001 Virgin)
37. Broadcast / Microtronics 06 (from 'Microtronics Volume 1', 2003 Warp)
38. Grizzly Bear / Easier (from 'Yellow House', 2006 Warp)
39. Zukanican / Tell it to the Kif (from 'The Stumbling Block', 2009 Pickled Egg)
40. David Lynch / Today: David Lynch and Donovan 23 Oct 07 (from BBC Radio 4, 2007)
41. John Parish / El Merreon (from 'How Animals Move', 2002 Thrill Jockey)
42. Tortoise / Seneca (from 'Standards', 2001 Warp)
43. Pop Levi / Police Sign (from 7 inch, 2009 Counter)
44. Black Dice / Creatures (from 'Creature Comforts', 2004 DFA)
45. Sun Ra / Friendly Galaxy (from 'Purple Night', 1990 AandM)
46. Afrika Bambaataa / Just Get Up And Dance (Acapella) (from 'The 12 inch Mixes', 1999 ZYX Music)
47. Yoko Ono / No, No, No (from 'Walking On Thin Ice', 1992 Rykodisc)
48. Excerpt of speech from Norma Panduro
49. Eno - Moebius - Roedelius - Plank / Nervos (from 'Begegnungen', 1984 Sky)
50. Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson / Ok Robot (from 'Listen Compute Rock Home: The Best of Dimension 5', 1999 El Diablo)
51. Instruments Suprenants Et Rares (from Unknown)
52. Azimuth / Caca A Raposa (from 'Azimuth', 2007 Far Out)
53. The Hooterville Trolley / No Silver Bird (from 7 inch, 2008 Stoned Circus)
54. Margo Guryan / Love (from 'Take a Picture', 1968 Oglio)
55. BBC Sound Effects Library / Happy Baby
56. Bearfarm / The Wounded Stag (from 'The Important First Album', 2009 cdr)
57. Brian Hodgson / Sting (the Krotons) (from 'Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Volume 1: the Early Years 1963-1969', 2005 Mute)

Credits :
Artwork, selection and mix by Snap Ant (
Additional audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

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Doctor Donuts - Club Jazz Collectif Mix
Doctor Donuts - Club Jazz Collectif Mix
(MP3 Podcast on So What! Recordings/Jazz Freaks, 2009-04-13

Last month first 'Club Jazz Collectif' party at La Java in Paris (tribute ot James Brown with Cheick Tidiane Seck was a success. They'll be back on April 16th with new live jazz projects from France, Hip Jazz Orchestra and The Grand Day of Quincy Brown. Doctor Donuts from the CJC is teasing us with a deep and groovy jazz mix. Enjoy the show(s).

Tracklisting :
01. Staffan Abeleen Quintet - Mr Minor
(from 'Sweet Alva' album, 1974 / Odeon)
02. The Harry Roche Constellation - Spiral
(from 'Spiral' album, 1976 / PE records)
03. The New Rotary Connection - Hanging Round The Bee Tree
(from 'Hey Love', 1971 / Cadet)
04. Ian O'Brien - Les Cordes Sensibles
(from 'Heartstrings' 12 inch, 1999 / Peacefrog)
05. Dorian Concept - Fort Teen
(from 'When Planets Explodes' album, 2009 / Kindred Spirits)
06. A Tribe Called Quest feat Q-Tip and Erykah Badu - Poetry (DJ Spinna Remix)
(from 'A.T.C.T' compilation, 2009 / QT records)

Links :

Original record covers available on Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Doctor Donuts (
Artwork by Djouls (

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Paris DJs Soundsystem - African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.9
Paris DJs Soundstem - African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.9
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2009-04-08

This mix concludes a series of 15 Afro mixes (9 'African Mashed Potato Popcorn' mixtures and 6 '21st Century Afro' cookings) showcasing the current worldwide African music scene and a few bits from its roots. We've already praised before the incredible work of labels such as Soundway or Analog Africa, which appear here again but hey, their compilations were simply the best of last year!! That said, you might want to expect a lot of surprises in the future, since we've sent to Nigeria and Benin some of our diggers to go and fetch the real rare things. That, and new productions with Oghene Kologbo (Fela's guitarist until 1978), Amayo (lead singer from Antibalas) and Tony Allen, among others... so stay tuned!

Tracklisting :
01. Andre Arpino - African King
(from 'Shake Sauvage (French Soundtracks 1968-1973)' compilation, 2000 / Crippled Dick Hot Wax) FRANCE
more info on discogs.comor on
02. Herbie Hancock - Afro Boogie
(from 'The Blow Up Extra Sessions' bootleg, 1960s / Warwick) USA
more info on
03. Del Jones' Positive Vibes - Vibe-Ing Theme
(from 'Court Is Closed', album, 1972 / Hikeka) USA
more info on
04. The Hygrades - In the Jungle (Instrumental)
(from 'Nigeria Rock Special' compilation, 2008 / Soundway) NIGERIA
more info on
05. The Sahara All Stars - Take your Soul
(from 'Nigeria Disco Funk Special' compilation, 2008 / Soundway) NIGERIA
more info on
06. El Rego Et Ses Commandos - Se Na Min
(from 'African Scream Contest: Raw And Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin And Togo 70's' compilation, 2008 / Analog Africa) BENIN
more info on
07. Phirpo Y Sus Caribes - Comencemos
(from 'Let's Start' 7 inch, 2007 / Soundway) COLUMBIA
more info on
08. Matata - Gimme Some Lovin'
(from 'Independence' album, 1974 / President) KENYA/UK
more info on
09. Victor Uwaifo - Iranm' Iran
(from 'Jackpot' album, 1980 / ) NIGERIA
more info on

Original record covers are available on Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao and Djouls from the Paris DJs Soundsystem (
Artwork by Djouls (, photo by Theogeo under a Creative Commons license

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Loik - Psychedelic Shack Vol.2
Dj Loik - Psychedelic Shack Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast) Kraked, 2009-02-01

Pure uncut psychedelic soul whith crazy breaks and soulful vocal harmony. Aint nuthin like the real thing! Enjoy the ride...
(You might also want to check the Psychedelic Shack Volume 1 mix from 2005 that we've just re-uploaded)

Tracklisting :
01. Detroit Emeralds - Baby Let Me Take You In Your Arms
(from 'Do Me Right' album, 1973 / Westbound)
02. The Impressions - Mighty Mighty
(from 'The Young Mods Forgotten Story' album, 1969 / Curtom)
03. The Whatnauts - World
(from 'Reaching For The Stars' album, 1971 / Stang)
04. Geoffrey Stoner - Check Out You Mind
(from 'Watch Out' album, 1973 / Ovation)
05. The Eleventh Hour - Far As We Felt Like Going
(from 'Greatest Hits' compilation, 1974 / 20th Century)
06. The Nite-Liters - Funky Vamp
(from 'Different Strokes' album, 1972 / RCA)
07. Edwin Starr - Time
(from 'War And Peace' album, 1970 / Gordy)
08. The Dells - Ain't No Sunshine
(from 'Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation' album, 1969 / Cadet)

The original record covers are available on the Paris DJs blog

Info :
Selected and mixed by Loik (Kraked)
Artwork by Fourmy

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