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Babaliah Loves Tumbele

Babaliah Loves Tumbele
Gwoka, Buiguine, Compas, Funk and Disco from the 'French' West Indies
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-03-14

A fresh tropical mix by Babaliah from Palmwine Records in Lyon (France), showing the explosive diversity of groovy rhythms from Haiti, Guadeloupe and Martinique... For hot & wet caribeean dancefloors only! Babaliah will be spinning this kind of music at his Palmwine Party Paris (April 3rd), Villeurbanne (April 6th and May 8th) and Lyon with Hugo Mendez (April 10th). Complete info available on

Tracklisting :
01. Loulou Boislaville - Zip Zap Zabap
02. Alphonso et son Orchestre - Ti Mulet
03. Loulou Boislaville - Ce Biguine
04. Alphonso et son Orchestre - Guep La
05. Robert Mavounsy - Guadeloupe En Nous
06. Ti Emile - Chaud I Chaud
07. Weber Sicot - Importance Musique
08. Les Vickings de la Martinique - Déposez les armes
09. Tabou Combo - New York City part 1
10. Tabou Combo - New York City part 2
11. Henri Guédon con la Contesta - Carnaval Nou
12. DP Express - DP Disco
13. Exile One - Fism
14. Exile One - Instant Funk
15. La Selecta - Rat-ce-ta-man
16. Sartana et son Groupe Mistral - Problem en Nou
17. Exile One - Move Mama Move

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Babaliah ( -
Artwork by Djouls (

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DJ Zebra - Rock N' Soul Covers

DJ Zebra - Rock N' Soul Covers
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-03-23

Famous French bootlegs and rock DJ Zebra was kind enough to come to our Superfly Records opening party, do a quick interview of myself (Djouls) for his show on Le Mouv radio and even play the AC/DC reggae remix of Grant Phabao on the airwaves. We simply couldn't pass on inviting him on Paris DJs, to celebrate the release of his first album Rock N' Soul Radio. Zebra cooked us a mixed collection of soulful rock covers, and is indeed molesting Laura here... Rock on!!

Tracklisting :
01. Supergrass - Beat It
(Michael Jackson cover, from XFM session, B-side of 'Bad blood', 2008 / Parlophone)
02. The Jam - Heatwave (Live)
(Martha and The Vandellas cover, from 'Live Jam', 1993 / Polydor)
03. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary (Live 1971)
(Ike and Tina Turner cover, bonus track of 'Bayou Country' reissue, 2008 / Concord)
04. Zzebraa - Black Hole Sun
(Soundgarden cover, from 'Rock n' Soul Radio', 2010 / Zebramix)
05. Fishbone and The Familyhood Nextperience - Everybody Is A Star
(Sly and The Family Stone cover, from 'The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerk', 1999 / Hollywood Records)
06. Eels - I Put A Spell On You (Live)
(Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover, from 'Useless Trinkets' compilation, 2008 / Geffen)
07. The Baseballs - Umbrella
(Rihanna cover, single, 2009 / Warner Germany)
08. Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On vs. Pixies - Where Is My Mind
(DJ Zebra bootleg, unreleased, 2009)
09. Zzebraa - See Me Feel Me
(The Who cover, unreleased from 'Rock n' Soul Radio sessions, 2010 / Zebramix)

Credits :
Selected and mixed by DJ Zebra (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls (

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Superfly Records - The Nigerian Boogie Back

Superfly Records - The Nigerian Boogie Back
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-03-16

While legendary American bands like Shalamar, Atlantic Star and Change were scoring big hits in US R&B charts in the early 80s, numerous inspired outfits across the globe tried to immitate the popular synth/flap bass Boogie sound of that golden era of Soul music. Successful imitations saw the day in cities like London, Rio de Janeiro or Tokyo. Yet, until very recently, very few knew that a massive Boogie scene was also existing in a very improbable part of the world: Lagos, Nigeria. This selection is an attempt to introduce you to some of the lost treasures of the very respectable early 80s Nigerian Boogie scene. Enjoy!

Tracklisting :
01. Amas - Slow Down
02. Vicky Edimo - Stormy Monday
03. Kiki Gyan - Feelin Alright
04. Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life
05. Chris Mba - A Little Touch
06. Veno - Nigeria Go Survive
07. Galaxy - Close To You

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Paulo Goncalvez / Superfly Records (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using a rare Geraldo Pino LP cover

Note : Superfly Records are adding 150 Nigerian Boogie and Disco LPs today on - rule is first-come, first-served so be quick!

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Citizen Dale - Platters That Matters Vol.2 - Jail Breaks!

Citizen Dale - Platters That Matters Vol.2 - Jail Breaks!
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-03-14

This sophomore episode of Platters that Matters comes complete with all the excitement of an adrenaline fueled prison break! Featuring funky tracks that are old, new and everything in-between. Break-out & bust-out to this mix, and see if you can identify the prison flicks sampled throughout! Now get-up on gettin' down!

Tracklisting :
01. Curtis Mayfield - Doo Doo Wop is Strong in Here (from 'Short Eyes' soundtrack / Curtom)
02. Jive Turkeys - B.A. (from 7 inch / Colemine Records)
03. The Rimshots - Now is the Time (from 'Down to Earth' album / Stang)
04. Grupo Los Yoyi - Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar (from 'Revolucion! Original Cuban Funk Grooves 1967-1978' compilation / Freestyle Records)
05. Souljazz Orchestra - Negus Negast (from 'Rising Sun' album / Strut)
06. Harlem River Drive - Idle Hands (from 'Harlem River Drive feat. Eddie Palmieri' album / Roulette)
07. Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 - Scopolamine (from 7 inch / Truth & Soul Records)

Info :
Selected and mixed by Citizen Dale
Artwork by Djouls (

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Soul Sugar - Hammond Special: Jimmy McGriff vs Dr Lonnie Smith

Soul Sugar - Hammond Special: Jimmy McGriff vs Dr. Lonnie Smith
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-03-14

He's taken his name from a 1971 Jimmy McGriff album. He's a highly respected Parisian keyboard player who played with Seven Dub, The Last Poets, Emilie Simon, Tanger, Erik Rug, Paolo Apollo Negri, Kid Loco, Grant Phabao and many others. He's just released his first album on Freestyle Records called Nothing But The Truth. He's perfect with tea or coffee... He's the Soul Sugar and he's asking to all Hammond Organ lovers out there: Jimmy McGriff or Dr Lonnie Smith?!

Tracklisting :
01. Jimmy McGriff - The Main Squeeze (from the album 'The Main Squeeze')
02. Dr Lonnie Smith - Psychedelic Pi (from the album 'Drives')
03. Jimmy McGriff - Deb Sombo (from the album 'Something To Listen to')
04. Dr Lonnie Smith - Move Your Hand (from the album 'Move Your Hand')
05. Jimmy McGriff - The Now Thing (from the album 'Soul Sugar')
06. Dr Lonnie Smith - Afrodesia (from the album 'Afrodesia')
07. Jimmy McGriff - Tapioca (from the album 'Outside Looking In"

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Soul Sugar (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls (

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Ivan Tchijevsky - Smile Brothers

Ivan Tchijevsky - Smile Brothers
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-03-14

The life of hip-hop in the USSR era started with the rise of street breakdancing and festivals which took place all over the country. The first wave came around 1985 but the information on the movement and music was really rare, and the ones which were available became the platform for imitation. A lot of the upcoming breakdance crews slowly started to reform in to hip-hop collectives and the b-boys started to put toghether their own rap bands.
This mix represents the hip-hop band, creators of which just happened to be the first wave of b-boys in the USSR. The members roots come from the 80s hip-hop. Member Skalya was a b-boy in Stop and Tetraider crews which later became Bad Balance. While other member was breakdancing in crew like Black and White (which was quite popular on tours and videoclips under the name Blanche & Noir, which took place in France) and Malchishnik. Later on, the guys formed a rap band named DETSO in the mid 90s.
Consequently, the band was called Smile brothers and got quite popular with their videoclips and concerts being heavily rotated on MTV Russia (The image ad Bzzz on MTV, soundtracks for films: Don't even think, Sex and the city), and also had some releases: 1997 – DETSO I'm here, Kolya, 2000 – Smile brothers Julia loves, 2001 – Smile brothers Funkpositive, 2004 – Smile brothers Here is not there and also the internet release of Smile brothers – The Best (Remastered 2008). These days, the band is finishing recording their 6th album Old School and is working on its own antiart movie named The zombies here are wild.
The Given compositions were released on labels: Krem Records, Stil Records, CD Land, Real Records, Souz and Mamapapa.

Tracklisting :
01. Voulez-Vou
02. Zurich
03. Hurrah!
04. Barrymore
05. Stebovo (feat. L. Zosimova)
06. Coral beads (feat. Dj Groove and M. Odjo)
07. Bzzz
08. Disco

Credits :
Selected, mixed and designed by Ivan Tchijevsky

Links :

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DJ Cocoe - Ubiquity Mix - 20 Years of California Soul

DJ Cocoe - Ubiquity Mix - 20 Years Of California Soul
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-03-03

20 years have passed since the Groove Merchant record store opened up on Haight Street in San Francisco. It was the launch pad for 3 record labels - Ubiquity, Luv N'Haight, and CuBop. During those two decades they have released over 400 titles, alongside many seasons of California Soul inspired clothing and merchandise.

Celebrating the Groove Merchant and Ubiquity 20 Year anniversary, here's a free downloadable mix by DJ Cocoe (Ubiquity/Abstract Workshop) that takes you on a musical journey through the Ubiquity catalog. This is part 1 of a 3 part mix compiled from Dj Cocoe's vinyl collection featuring his favorite Ubiquity Records gems that have been released over the last 20 years.

Credits :
Selected and mixed by DJ Cocoe ( -
Artwork layout by Djouls (

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