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Paris DJs Soundsystem - In The Footsteps of the Ethio-Jazz Innovator

Paris DJs Soundsystem - In The Footsteps of the Ethio-Jazz Innovator
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2011-02-27

Next thursday evening in Paris will be a BIG date at La Bellevilloise, thanks to our friends from the Soul Train parties, who produce an Ethio Jazz Night with Strut... featuring Mulatu Astake and The Heliocentrics playing live!! You DON'T want to miss this show and as an appetizer here's a small tribute to the father of Ethio-Jazz, on the 21st century side of the genre and beyond.

Tracklisting :
01. The Gaslamp Killer - When I'm In Awe (feat. Gonjasufi)
(from 'Death Gate EP' 12 inch, 2010 / Brainfeeder) USA
02. The Shaolin Afronauts - Journey Through Time
(from 'Journey Through Time' 12 inch, 2011 / Freestyle) AUSTRALIA
03. Akale Wube - Muziqawi Silt (Wallias Band cover)
(from 'Plays Ethiopian Groove Greatest Hits' CDR, 2009 / self-released) FRANCE
04. Mulatu Astatke - I Faram Gami I Faram
(from 'Mulatu Steps Ahead' album, 2010 / Strut) ETHIOPIA/UK
05. Va Fan Fahre - Ethiopian Gipsy
(from 'Zet Je Maar' album, 2007 / Zephyrus) BELGIUM
06. Getatchew Mekuria and The Ex - Sethed Seketelat
(from 'Moa Anbessa' album, 2006 / Terp) ETHIOPIA/NETHERLANDS
07. Skeletons - Mulatu
(from 'Smile' album, 2010 / Impossible Ark) UK
08. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Ethio feat. Michael Leonhart
from 'World Of Funk' album, 2011 / Ubiquity) USA
09. The Budos Band - Mark of the Unnamed
(from 'The Budos Band III' album, 2010 / Daptone) USA
10. Woima Collective - Marz
(from 'Tezeta' album, 2010 / Kindred Spirits) GERMANY

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by the Paris DJs Soundsystem (,
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Djouls ( using a photo from Ahron de Leeuw under a creative commons licence

Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks On Vinyl Mixtape

Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks On Vinyl Mixtape
(MP3 Podcast on Tru Thoughts, 2011-02-24

To celebrate the release of the Night Walks album on deluxe vinyl (thanks to Denovali Records), Joe Acheson of Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts Recordings) has put together this studio mixtape. Like the preceding Footsteps Mix, this carefully-sculpted selection rewards close listening, and contains numerous exclusive tracks, lots of sound design and plenty of spoken word. Catch the band live on their European tour March-April 2011, and throughout the festival season.

Tracklisting :
00.00 Antiphon - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
02.04 Dream of a Strange Land (by Graham Greene) - read by Hugh Burden (Talking Tape Co.)
05.40 Thograinn Thograinn (Joe Acheson refix) - MacMaster/Hay (MacMaster/Hay)
07.15 El Presidente (acapella) - Jeru the Damaja (Red Urban Music)
09.21 Strange - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
10.08 (anonymous Ukrainian song) - recorded by Matt Thompson in Kiev 2004
12.49 Outi's Favourite Sound - interview in Jyvaskyla 2009
15.20 Longevity (acapella) - J-Live (Groove Attack)
15.21 Les Gardes Volent au Secours du Roi - Jean-Claude Vannier (Finders Keepers)
15.45 Jean-Claude - Slepton & Public (Double Dope)
16.09 Musst Musst (Joe Acheson refix) - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Real World)
17.15 Suicide Murder (acapella) - Bounty Killer feat. Jeru the Damaja (Massive B)
21.32 The Mast - Araya (Benbecula)
22.32 The Pit and the Pendulum (by Edgar Allan Poe) - read by Christopher Lee (Listen For Pleasure)
23.57 What Does Your Soul Look Like (pt.3) - DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
25.18 Open Spaces - Jonny Greenwood (Nonesuch)
26.05 Tired & Awake - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
30.01 Ganky - Christ. (Benbecula)
30.49 Between Two Worlds (by Yolanda Pupo-Thompson) - BBC R3 drama feat. Owen Teale
31.26 Minor Down (remix of Benjamin Dauer) - Mrs Jynx (Planet Mu)
32.02 The Royal Game (by Stefan Zweig) - BBC R3 drama feat. Paul Rhys
32.29 Joyous Insolence - Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
35.09 Sidewinders - Sixtoo (Ninja Tune)
36.27 Flying Officer - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
37.56 Birds of Prey - Architeq (Tirk)
38.06 Moviedrome pt.2 (acapella) - Life (Zebra Traffic)
40.33 Samurai - Shurik'n (Delabel)
42.11 We Specialize (acapella) - CL Smooth (Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
42.52 Queens Get the Money - All Natural (All Natural Inc)
43.38 (tribute to Ghandi) - Albert Einstein
45.37 Hideyaface Reprise (Shaolin Finale) (Reminder & Prefuse Notate Small Ensemble Version) - Prefuse 73 (Warp)
45.56 (Shout) - Tajai
47.13 Old Molly Metcalfe - Jake Thackray (EMI)
47.21 River Man (Joe Acheson refix) - Nick Drake (Island)
48.03 Nude (acapella) - Radiohead (XL)
50.45 Changes - Lost Twin (Throw Some Shapes)
53.20 Chewing on Glass - Sixtoo (Ninja Tune)
54.24 Rehearsal of Mozart's Symphony no.36 (Joe Acheson refix) - Bruno Walter conducting the Columbia Symphony Orchestra (Philips)
56.18 Dance of Death (Joe Acheson refix) - The Galactic Light Orchestra (Polydor)
56.39 Midnight in a Perfect World (Gab Mix) - DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
57.34 Building Steam from a Grain of Salt - DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
59.15 Live at Spike (acapella poetry recital) - Kate Tempest
61.54 Blah (Moph Refix) - TY in interview with Emily Towers
62.28 Elders (Wadadda Refix) - The Clouds (Jahtari)
63.39 Babylon - Mungo's Hi Fi (Scrub-a-Dub)
64.08 Glory Box (acapella) - Portishead (Go! Beat)
67.47 Terror Planet - Truth (Aquatic Lab)
68.28 Moviedrome pt.1 (acapella) - Life (Zebra Traffic)
69.51 The Book of Right-On (Wadadda 'Shallow Refix') - Joanna Newsom (Drag City)
72.25 Devious Dan - Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
73.48 Undergrowth - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
30.49 Between Two Worlds - feat. Owen Teale and Sandy Grierson

Info :
Selected and mixed by Joe Acheson / Hidden Orchestra ()
Artwork by Chris Knight (, finished by Djouls (

Links : Orchestra

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Grant Phabao and Djouls - Cosmic Tropical Disco

Grant Phabao and Djouls Cosmic Tropical Disco
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2011-02-19

You might have already heard about people re-editing disco tracks for augmented dancefloor pleasure. You might even have read the latest issue of Wax Poetics and know about Tom Moulton, originator of the remix, the breakdown section, and the 12-inch single vinyl format. You've also probably heard everything about 'Cosmic', 'Tropical' and 'Disco' music... Well, here's our global tribute to this scene. Let's get the party started.

Tracklisting :
01. Doc Severinsen - Be With You (DJ Harvey Edit)
(from 'DJ Harvey 12" Cuts' 12 inch, 2010 / Pacific Beach Recording Company)
02. Linkwood Family - Piece Of Mind
(from 'Firecracker EP 3' 10 inch, 2007 / Firecracker Recordings / re-edit of 'I'm Back For More' by Leo's Sunship, 1978)
03. Sir Woolfy - Brooklyn Creams
(from 'Watchawannadoo EP', 2010 / Watchawannadoo / pitched-down (110BPM) version of 'Street Man' by Brooklyn Dreams, 1978)
04. The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park (Onur Engin Edit)
(from 'Square Edits EP 2' 12 inch, 2010 / Square)
05. KC and The Sunshine Band - I Get Lifted (Todd Terje Re-Edit)
(from 'I Get Lifted / I'm Chief / High Jack / Night Rider (Tangoterje Mixes)' 12 inch, 2005 / Supreme Records)
06. Lord Echo - Cosmic Echoes
(from 'Melodies' album, 2010 / Economy Records)
07. Teaspoon and The Waves - Oh Yeh Soweto (Sofrito Edit)
(from 'The Soweto Disco EP', 2010 / Sofrito, cover of 'Going Back To My Roots' by Richie Havens from 1980)
08. William DeVaughn - Be Thankful for What You've Got (Onur Engin Edit)
(from 'Square Edits EP' 12 inch, 2010 / Square)
09. Cro-Magnon - Black Mahogani
(from 'Mellow Out and Acoustic' album, 2008 / Lastrum Japan, cover of Moodymann)
10. Rim Kwaku Obeng And Kasa - Love Me For Real (Guynamukat Afro Boogie Disco Go Go Edit)
(from 'Afro Disco Boogie Edits Vol.2', 2010 / Guynamukat, originally released in 1982)
11. Richie Havens - Going Back To My Boots (Killer Funk Disco Allstars Because I Can't Find My Shoes Re-Edit)
(from 'Killer Funk Disco Allstars' 12 inch, 2009 / Killer Funk Disco)
12. Rato Venance - Djaitain ('Music, Music, Only Music' Guynamukat Afro Boogie Edit)
(from 'Afro Disco Boogie Edits Vol.2', 2010 / Guynamukat, originally released in 1978)
13. Kings Go Forth - Don't Take My Shadow (Tom Moulton Remix)
(from 'Don't Take My Shadow' 12 inch, 2010 / Luaka Bop)

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao and Djouls (,
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Djouls ( sampling GQ's 'Disco Nights'

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DJ Loik - Tribute To Willie Hutch (2005 reissue)

Dj Loik - Tribute To Willie Hutch
(MP3 Podcast from the archives of Paris DJs) Kraked, 2005-09-30

À la mémoire de Willie Hutch qui nous a quitté le 19 septembre dernier, un grand guitariste/songwriter/producteur qui a principalement travaillé pour la Motown pendant les années 70. Il a aussi réalisé les bandes originales de deux classiques des films de blaxploitation, "The Mack" et "Foxy Brown". Qu'il repose en paix.

In memory of Willie Hutch who died sept 19, a great guitarist/songwriter/producer who worked mainly for Motown during the 70's. He also did the soundtrack of two classic blaxploitation movies, "The Mack" and "Foxy Brown". RIP

Info :
Selected and mixed by Dj Loik (Kraked)
Artwork by Fourmy

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Doctor L and Manu Boubli - Mind Radio Show #1 pt. 1 (2005 reissue)

Doctor L and Manu Boubli - Mind Radio Show #1 Pt. 1
(MP3 from the archives of Paris DJs) Mind Service, 2005-10-14

An old school now but still an all-time favorite of many listeners, here's the first half of the first volume of the Mind Radio Show curated by Doctor L, currently releasing album after album on his brand new colored-inc label and rehearsing for upcoming dates with his new band Black Cowboys, and Manu Boubli, currently running the exceptional Superfly Records store in Paris and online.

Tracklisting Part 1 :
01. Mind - Introduction
02. Psyco - Dear Mr President
(from 'There Must Be a Revolution Somewhere' 2005 / Mind)
03. Build an Ark - You've Gotta Have Freedom
(from 'Peace With Every Step' 2003 / Kindred Spirit)
04. Haki R Madubati - Poetry Interlude
05. Psyco - Danger Danger
(from 'There Must Be a Revolution Somewhere' 2005 / Mind)
06. Masequa Myers and Jami Ayinde - Black Land Of The Nile
(from 'Black Fairy' 1975 / BBF)
07. Mulatu Of Ethiopia - Mulatu
(from 'Mulatu Of Ethiopia' 1972 / Worthy)
08. Psyco - Na Di Langue
(from 'There Must Be a Revolution Somewhere' 2005 / Mind)

Info :
Selected and mixed by Doctor L (Colored-Inc.) and Manu Boubli (Superfly Records)
Mastered by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Doctor L, layout by Djouls

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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Free The Robots Vol.2

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Free The Robots Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2011-02-06

We've introduced Free The Robots, one of the most interesting DJ/beatmakers around, to more than 10.000 people with our first volume of Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Free The Robots. Nearly two years later the man has released his first album, Ctrl Alt Delete, one of the 10 bests of 2010 as selected by the Colored-Inc. collective, and he'll be playing along with Wagon Christ (alias Luke Vibert) at La Bellevilloise in Paris on March 18th. That's good reasons enough for us to come back with a second volume of selected instrumental hip hop breakbeats mixed with psychedelia, prog rock, obscure samples, old jazz, blues, trip hop, soul and electronic bits. We've wrote it already, but then again... This is the new thing!

Tracklisting :
01. Free the Robots - Wandering Gypsy
(from 'Ctrl Alt Delete' album, 2010 / Alpha Pup)
02. Free the Robots - How Is The World?
(from 'The Prototype' promo CD, 2004 / Elsewhere Studios)
03. Mexicans With Guns - Icaros (Free the Robots Remix)
(from 'Friends of Friends Volume 3' album with Robot Koch, 2010 / FoF Music)
04. Mochipet - Complex Players Club (Free The Robots Remix)
(from 'Master P on Atari Transformed Vol.2', 2010 / Daly City)
05. Free the Robots - Clocks and Daggers
(from 'The Killer Robots' digi-EP with The Gaslamp Killer, 2008 / Obey)
06. Free the Robots - Wake Up Or Die feat. The Gaslamp Killer
(from 'Free The Robots' album, 2008 / Easel Records Japan)
07. Busdriver - Least Favorite Rapper feat. Nocando
(from 'Jhelli Beam' album, 2009 / Epitaph)
08. Free the Robots - Jupiter
(from 'Ctrl Alt Delete' album, 2010 / Alpha Pup)
09. Free the Robots - Turkish Voodoo
(from 'Ctrl Alt Delete' album, 2010 / Alpha Pup)
10. Nocando - DSD2 (feat. Iron Mike Eagle)
(from 'Jimmy the Lock' album, 2010 / Alpha Pup)

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by the Paris DJs Soundsystem (,
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Djouls (

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