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DJ Akalepse - Props Mixtape Vol.1

DJ Akalepse - Props Mixtape Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-06-19

Rich Medina and DJ Akalepse (the kings of I never heard ANYONE play this record out!) are taking their legendary Little Ricky's Rib Shack party from APT and bringing it to Le Poisson Rouge in 2010. Expect a party that is as much what is this song?, as it is I love this song, a party that is simultaneously classic, and brand new. Medina and Akalepse are staples of the New York DJ community known worldwide for consistently bringing you a full spectrum of soul music. DJ Akalepse is also running things for the neo-classic Truth & Soul Records label. Come find out for yourself why these guys have had one of the most highly consistent and successful weeknight parties New York City has ever seen, with this funky and highly soulful introductory mix called Props Vol.1...

Tracklisting :
sorry no info

Credits :
Selected and mixed by DJ Akalepse ( |
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls (
Photo by JJ1One

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Lanu from The Bamboos - Third Stoned From The Sun

Lance Ferguson aka Lanu from The Bamboos - Third Stoned From The Sun
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-05-31

Fresh from headlining festivals to crowds of 50,000+ in their native Australia, and having just released their new album, 4, to much fanfare, The Bamboos will be embarking on a full band tour throughout June 2010, bringing their renowned full live funk/soul/hip hop style throwdown to the UK and Europe, for the first time in three years. Here's the the special mix bandleader Lance Ferguson (aka production wunderkind Lanu) has prepared for the occasion... and for all those living in Paris, don't miss the show next Wednesday (June 16) at La Bellevilloise!

Tracklisting :
01. Space Invadas (Katalyst and Steve Spacek) - Done It Again
(from 'Soul:Fi' album, 2010 / Invada Records) AUSTRALIA
02. Diego and The Dissidents - Nerve Storm
(from 'Contaminated Waters' 7 inch, 2010 / Jack To Phono) UNITED KINGDOM
03. The Bamboos - Kings Cross
(from '4' album, 2009 / Tru Thoughts) AUSTRALIA
04. Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss
(from 'InnerSpeaker' album, 2010 / Modular) AUSTRALIA
05. The Doors - Break On Through (Bossa Rocker Remix by DJ Disse)
(from 'Real Roots EP' 12 inch, 2008 / Music For Dreams America) USA/DENMARK
06. Jimi Hendrix - 3rd Stone From The Sun
(from 'Are You Experienced' album, 1967 / Track) USA
07. Lefties Soul Connection - Organ Donor
(from 'Hutspot' album, 2006 / Melting Pot Music) NETHERLANDS
08. The Bamboos - Up On The Hill (DJ Yoda Re-Edit)
(from 'You Ain't No Good' digital single, 2010 / Tru Thoughts) AUSTRALIA
09. The Limp Twins - Tales From Beyond The Groove
(from 'Tales From Beyond The Groove' album, 2003 / Tru Thoughts) UNITED KINGDOM
10. Beta Hector feat. Dionne Charles - Payback
(from 'Payback' 7 inch, 2010 / Tru Thoughts) UNITED KINGDOM
11. Gonja Sufi - Suzie Q
(from 'A Sufi and A Killer' album, 2010 / Warp) USA
12. DJ Greyboy and Delmos Wade - Guitar String
(from (From The Ground Up' album, 2010 / Soundlock Recordings) USA
13. The Bamboos - You Ain't No Good
(from '4' album, 2009 / Tru Thoughts) AUSTRALIA
14. Beck - Gamma Ray
(from 'Modern Guilt' album, 2008 / Interscope) USA
15. Tricky - Black Steel
(from 'Maxinquaye' album, 1995 / Island)

The original record covers + the complete Bamboos June 2010 UK/Europe tour dates are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Lance Ferguson aka Lanu from The Bamboos (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls (

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