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Nostalgia 77 Relics Three
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-11-29

Between his releases under the Nostalgia 77 name (with a fourth album released earlier this year on Tru Thoughts Recordings, The Sleepwalking Society), collaborative projects such as the afro-jazz of Skeletons, the Afro-Latin of The Rhythmagic Orchestra, or the Funk-Rock of The Broken Keys, producing music for Alice Russell, Lizzy Parks, his own UK jazz label Impossible Ark Records… and a plethora of remixes, Benedic Lamdin just seems unstoppable. He's at the forefront of today's Jazz musicians in the UK while always exploring new styles. His latest album is empowered with overtones of blues and folk, while the remixes available with its singles are digging into the shallows of contemporary electronica. We're really proud of having him aboard the Paris DJs podcast with this exclusive 45mn Relics mix of music that be has been recently working on, it's the third in the series so don't hesitate to go hunting for the previous ones.

Tracklisting :
01. Examples of Twelves - The Glass Bead Game
(from 'Things will be' LP, 2011 / Impossible Ark Records)
02. Jeb Loy Nichols - Disappointment
(from 'Days Are Mighty' album, 2008 / City Country City)
03. James Allsopp - Istafan
(unreleased track, 2011 / Impossible Ark Records)
04. Fulvio Sigurtá - Aurora
(from 'House Of Cards' album, 2011 / Cam Jazz)
05. Nostalgia 77 - Angels and Demons at Play
(Sun Ra cover, unreleased recording, 2011)
06. Jeb Loy Nichols - The Wintering of the Year
(unreleased recording, 2011 / City Country City)
07. Librarians - The Holy Mountain
(unreleased recording, 2011)
08. Sister Mary - Sorrow
(unreleased recording, 2011)

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Nostalgia 77
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls

Nostalgia 77 : official | discogs | facebook | impossibleark | myspace | parisdjs
Tru Thoughts : official | discogs | etchshop | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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Cultures of Soul Are Molesting Laura
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-11-22

When we stumbled upon the World's Funkiest Covers compilation just released on US label Cultures of Soul Records, we exclaimed: 'Damn! Those cats have really been Molesting Laura the Paris DJs way!!'. Their selection, available on CD and glorious vinyl, carefully selected by DJ Deano Sounds, features indeed some of the funkiest covers from around the world and throughout time, from deep funk to latin soul, hard salsa, soul, afro beat, and even cumbia. We couldn't pass on the opportunity to invite the label to do a special Molesting Laura mix and they nailed it for real!! Enjoy these 30 minutes from the crazy world of covers (one of our favorites in the music universe).

Tracklisting :
01. Merrilee Rush - Reach Out
(The Four Tops cover, from 'Reach Out/Love Street' 7 inch, 1969 / AGP Records)
02. Johnny Jones And The King Casuals - Purple Haze
(Jimi Hendrix cover, from 'Purple Haze/Horsing Around' 7 inch, 1968 / Brunswick)
03. St. Vincent's Supersound Latinaires Orchestra - Hot Pants (I'm Comin')
(James Brown cover, from 'St. Vincent's Latinaires Supersound Orchestra' album, 1972 / Soufrière)
04. Mighty Mo And The Winchester 7 - The Next Message
(Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five cover, from 'The Next Message' 7 inch, 2007 / Peace St.)
05. The Neapolitans - Crosstown Traffic
(Jimi Hendrix cover, from 'Crosstown Traffic' 7 inch, 2005 / Acid Jazz)
06. El Klan - La Ruleta De La Vida (Spinning Wheel)
(Blood, Sweat and Tears cover, from 'Fiesta Hippie' album, 1969 / RCA)
07. Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra - I Turn My Camera On
(Spoon cover, from 'Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra' album, 2011 / self-released)
08. Bobby Bryant - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(George Harrison cover, from 'Earth Dance' album, 1969 / Pacific Jazz)
Total time : 33mn15s

Note : tracks 02, 04 and 07 are also available on the World's Funkiest Covers compilation just released on Cultures of Soul Records

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Deano Sounds / Cultures of Soul
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls with the help of Nicolas Tamisier

Cultures of Soul Records : official | bigcartel | blogspot | discogs | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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Il Cinema Secondo Calibro 35
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-11-19

Adesso parliamo italiano… from our strong italian connection comes Calibro 35's founder and mastermind Tommaso Colliva. Tommaso explains in our exclusive interview that he's been a diehard italian soundtrack collector since he was a teen. Then he had the fine idea to bring together great italian musicians and play covers from the maestri (Gianni Ferrio, Bruno Nicolai, Ennio Morricone, etc.) as well as writing compositions inspired by these mentors. The funkiest italian act Calibro 35 was born. For Il cinema secondo Calibro 35 (cinema according to Calibro 35), he's selected his favorite tracks ever to cook the ultimate polizieschi (italian noir movie) mix and unveiled the influences and backgound of Calibro 35's sound. As the famous joke says, "Italians do it better", and it's never been so true!

Tracklisting :
01. Ennio Morricone - Placcaggio
(from 'Il Gatto a Nove Code OST' album, 1970 / General Music)
02. Franco Micalizzi - Hold Up
(from 'Hold Up Istantanea di una Rapina OST' album, 1974 / Carosello)
03. Bruno Nicolai - LK Shake
(from 'Agente Speciale LK OST' album, 1967 / General Music)
04. I Marc 4 - Hyde Park
(from 'I Solisti di Armando Trovajoli' album, 1970 / Cometa Records)
05. Franco Micalizzi - Tira Rezzo O Piscatore
(from 'Napoli Violenta OST' album, 1977 / Beat Records)
06. Gianni Ferrio - La Gabbia
(from 'Big Guns OST' album, 1973 / Ariete Records)
07. Ennio Morricone - Giorno Di Notte
(from 'Una Lucertola con la Pelle di Donna' album, 2000 / Dagored, licensed from Beat Records, 1971)
08. Scoen - Barman
(from 'Ecologia' album, 1972 / RCC)
09. Stelvio Cipriani - Relax in The Swimming Pool
(from 'La Mano Spietata Della Legge OST' album, 1973 / Cinevox)
10. Gianni Mazza - Eccitamento
(from 'Nervosi' LP, 1972, available on 'Speedball Experience: Early 70s Italian Library Music' compilation, 1995 / Éditions Giaguaro)
11. Peppino De Luca - Il Killer
(from 'L'Uomo Dagli Occhi Di Ghiaccio' album, 1971 / Pegaso)
12. Ennio Morricone - Allegretto Per Signora
(from 'Le Foto Proibite di una Signora Per Bene' album, 1985 / Point Records, recorded 1970)
13. Guido e Maurizio DeAngelis - Sliding Crime
(from 'Roma Violenta OST' album, 1975 / Beat Records)
14. I Marc 4 - Piccadily Circus
(from 'I Solisti di Armando Trovajoli' album, 1970 / Cometa Records)
15. Ennio Morricone - Milano Odia La Polizia Non Puo' Sparare
(from 'Milano Odia La Polizia Non Puo' Sparare' album, 1974 / Beat Records)
16. I Marc 4 - Distortion in My Mind
(from 'I Marc 4' library LP, circa 1970 / Nelson Records)
17. I Marc 4 - Asfalto in Agguato
(from 'I Marc 4' library LP, circa 1976 / Nelson Records)
18. Gianni Mazza - Il Protagonista
(from 'Thrilling' library LP, 1971 / Fly)
19. Guido e Maurizio DeAngelis - Gangster Story
(from 'La Polizia Incrimina, La Legge Assolve OST' album, 1973 / Beat Records)
20. Silvano Chimenti - La Via Della Droga
(from 'Viaggio Attraverso i problemi Dell'Uomo - DROGA' album, 1972 / RomanRecordCompany)
Total time : 57mn01s

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog
Credits :
Selected and mixed by Tommaso Colliva / Calibro 35
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls & Nicolas Ragonneau
Photo by Alice Pedroletti / Alike' Studio

Calibro 35 : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | vimeo
Tommaso Colliva : official | discogs | myspace
Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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Loka - The Daily Bread
(MP3 Podcast on Ninja Tune, 2011-11-15

Loka's discography isn't hard to follow. All of this psychedelic jazz band's records have been released on leading UK label Ninja Tune. It all started with an exclusive, cinematic, trippy track on the label's 10-year anniversary collection Xen Cuts in 2000. Then 4 years later the band released their first single, the marvelous Beginningless, proving once more that Ninja Tune was THE 21st century jazz label at the time. 6 months passed before Loka re-imagined a Blockhead track, Sunday Seance, as a flurry of drums and gorgeous stringiness. Their first album, Fire Shepherds arrives in 2006 and it's just one of the best of the year. In 2007 founding member Karl Webb (formerly from one of our favorite bands, Super Numeri) splits with the group, leaving Mark Kyriacou (keyboards, electronics and compositions) to team up with members of Loka's live band. A new (digital) 3-track single is planned for november 21st, with the band's second album Passing Place to be released the following week. More than 5 years after the first opus, this new recording is another fantastic piece of epic and cinematic UK jazz, which we're celebrating by inviting Loka for this timeless mix, The Daily Bread, cooked exclusively for Paris DJs. A big thanks goes to Ninja Tune's French promo agency, Ping Pong, who hooked us up with Loka for this!! Now let's hope Loka will get to play live in France...

Tracklisting :
01. ‪Alessandro Alessandroni and Nora Orlandi‬ - Arioso Spirituale
(from 'Music For Strange Situations' compilation, 2002 / Hexacord)
02. Sun Ra and His Outer Space Arkestra - Love in Outer Space (alt. take)
(from 'The Night Of The Purple Moon' CD reissue, 2007 / Atavistic)
03. Mike Vickers - In the Beginning
(from 'Electronic Music' compilation, 197? / Standard Music Library)
04. Dungen - Hogdalstoppen
(from 'Skit I Allt' album, 2010 / Subliminal Sounds)
05. Loka - Mirror Image Opposite
(from 'Passing Place' album, 2011 / Ninja Tune)
06. Al Stewart - Turn into Earth
(from 'The Elf' 7 inch, 1966 / Decca)
07. Tussle - Second Guessing
(from 'Telescope Mind' album, 2006 / Smalltown Supersound)
08. George Harrison - On the Bed
(from 'Wonderwall Music' album, 1970 / Apple)
09. Corte Dei Miracoli - …E Verrà L'Uomo (edit)
(from 'Corte Dei Miracoli' album, 1976 / Grog)
10. Loka - The Tower
(from 'Passing Place' album, 2011 / Ninja Tune)
11. Loka - As the Tower Falls
(from 'Passing Place' album, 2011 / Ninja Tune)
12. Basil Kirchin - Prelude and Dawn
(from 'Abstractions Of The Industrial North' compilation, 2005 / Trunk)
13. Krzysztof Komeda - Cul-De-Sac
(from 'Cul-De-Sac' original soundtrack, 1966 / Polydor)
14. Shuggie Otis - XL-30
(from 'Inspiration Information' album, 1974 / Epic)
15. Cluster - Rotor
(from 'Zuckerzeit' album, 1974 / Brain)
16. Noah Georgeson - Shawm Overture
(from 'Find Shelter' album, 2006 / Plain Recordings)
17. Jim Noir - Fishes and Dishes
(from 'Intermission' EP, 2011 / The Noir Club)
18. Scott Walker - Light
(from 'Pola X' soundtrack, 1999 / Barclay)
Total time : 56mn18s

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Mark Kyriacou / Loka
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls using elements sent by MarkLoka

Loka : official | discogs | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter
Ninja Tune : official | facebook | french promo agency | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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Eva Be - Straight From The Heart
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-11-12

We don't have so many ladies in our original mix series, so we are very pleased to welcome on board Miss Eva Be. Eva is not only a modern Louise Brooks doppelganger, she's one of the great figures of the Berlin nightlife since she's been djing for years in the German capital, creating her very own trademark dub-influenced electronic sound. This is obvious in Eva's rather cult LP Moving without Traveling' (2007, Best Seven/Sonarkollektiv). She's back with an exclusive and higly danceable piece of electronica: Hi Paris DJs, this mix comes straight from my heart. It contains all current favorite tracks... and I hope it does well and enjoys the music lovers. Cheers - Eva Be. We're also posting this today because it's Eva's birthday, so Happy Birthday Eva!!

Tracklisting :
01. Crazy P - The Unbearable Lightness of Being
(from 'When We On' album, 2011 / 20:20 Vision)
02. Larse - The More I Want (Elvissa Edit)
(from 'Second Chances and New Romances Volume 1' compilation, 2011 / Noir Music)
03. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Heimat (Robag's Turmkolle Rekksmow)
(from 'Rebellion Der Träumer Remixes Part 1' 12 inch, 2011 / Connaisseur Recordings)
04. Daniel Bortz and Sascha Sibler - Color of Love
(from 'Color of Love' 12 inch, 2011 / Souvenir)
05. Vincenzo and Talking Pops - Seduction (Jimpster Remix)
(from 'Seduction' 12 inch, 2011 / Dessous Recordings)
06. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods (Justin Martin Remix)
(from 'Household Goods EP' 12 inch, 2011 / Greco-Roman)
07. James Blake - Limit to your Love (Few Nolder Edit)
(from, 2011)
08. Catz N' Dogz feat. Paul Randolph - I'm Free (Carl Craig Remix)
(from 'Escape From Zoo Remixes' 12 inch, 2011 / Mothership)
09. SBTRKT - Hold On
(from 'SBTRKT' album, 2011 / Young Turks)
10. Burial + Four Tet - Moth
(from 'Moth' 12 inch, 2009 / Text Records)
Total time : 55mn40s

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Eva Be (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artcovers layouts by Djouls and Nicolas Ragonneau

Eva Be : official | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | residentadvisor | sonarkollektiv | soundcloud
Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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Mukatsuku - Afro Tropical Special
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-11-08

Hot on the heels of releasing a 45 re-edit of the now lengendary Brand New Wayo track from Nigerian band Mixed Grill, and a fifth volume of the limited promo 12 inch series Afro Disco Boogie Edits from the GUYNAMUKAT production team, Nik Weston will be playing this thursday at the Jazz Attitudes party in Paris. "A venture into afro bizness featuring some rare tracks from the holy grail Mixed Grill album plus a lovely track from the recent Ebo Taylor album and a smattering of unreleased GUYNAMUKAT afro edits" was the pitch of this mix posted on mixcloud earlier this year. Here's the same mix with some nice remastering for the delicate Paris DJs ears!

Tracklisting :
01. GUYNAMUKAT - Ahhhh Morkendu
(from 'Afro Disco Boogie Edits Volume Four' 12 inch, Guynamukat Edits, 2011)
02. Mixed Grill - Funky People
(reissued on 'Nik Weston presents Mixed Grill' 7 inch, 2011 / Mukatsuku)
03. Ebo Taylor - Mizin
(from 'Love and Death' album, 2010 / Strut)
04. GUYNAMUKAT - You Better Know I'M Sayin
(from 'Afro Disco Boogie Edits Volume Two' 12 inch, Guynamukat Edits, 2010)
05. GUYNAMUKAT - Afro Heat In Midday Sun
(from 'Afro Disco Boogie Edits Volume Three' 12 inch, Guynamukat Edits, 2011)
06. Root Soul - Fuselage [Afro Disco Boogie Mix]
(from 'Nik Weston Presents Root Soul' 12 inch, 2010 / Mukatsuku)
07. Soundspecies - Balafon Jam
(from 'We Came For The Music compilation, 2011 / Boglewaltz)
08. Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra - Legend Of Yoruba Part 2
(from 'Legend Of Yoruba 7 inch, 2010 / Soul Garden)
09. Ikebe Shakedown - Afro Fred
(from 'Hard Steppin' CD-EP, 2009 / Colemine)
10. Ghetto Blaster - Na Waya
(from 'People' album, 1995 / Blackframe)
11. Mixed Grill - Brand New Wayo
(reissued on 'Nik Weston presents Mixed Grill' 7 inch, 2011 / Mukatsuku)
12. Al Gonzalez - El Rumbon (12" Disco Mix)
(from 'El Rumbon' 12 inch, 1977 / Disco International)
Total time : 51mn50s

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Nik Weston (Juno/Mukatsuku/GUYNAMUKAT)
Audio mastering restoration by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls (

Nik Weston / Mukatsuku : official | discogs | facebook | myspace | twitter | wikipedia | youtube
Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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Paris DJs Soundsystem - Celebrating Joe Henry
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-11-05

We've been supporting the music of Joe Henry for years now, so we couldn't avoid cooking a tribute mix to celebrate his double talent of producer and songwriter. Choosing just a few tracks in his discography was heartbreaking but here we are, with a fine and subjective selection including famous artists like Allen Toussaint or Bettye LaVette, young artists such as Carolina Chocolate Drops or Hugh Laurie (yes, Dr.House himself !) and rarities.You can read our exclusive interview with Joe Henry and listen to his new and superb release, Reverie (out on Anti- Records).That's how Paris DJs loves madly, Mr.Henry !

Tracklisting :
01. Joe Henry - Richard Pryor Addresses A Tearful Nation
(from 'Scar' album, 2001 / Mammoth)
02. Joe Henry - Scare Me To Death
(from 'Civilians' album, 2007 / Anti)
03. Jim White - Static On The Radio
(from 'Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See' album, 2004 / Luaka Bop)
04. Hugh Laurie - Battle of Jericho
(from 'Let Them Talk' album, 2011 / Warner Bros.)
05. Bettye LaVette - Little Sparrow
(from 'I've Got My Own Hell To Raise' album, 2005 / Anti)
06. Joe Henry - This Afternoon
(from 'Tiny Voices' album, 2003 / Anti)
07. Joe Henry - Strung
(from 'Reverie' album, 2011 / Anti)
08. Joe Henry - Struck
(from 'Scar' album, 2001 / Mammoth)
09. Allen Toussaint - Yes We Can Can
(from 'Our New Orleans: A Benefit Album' compilation, 2005 / Nonesuch)
10. Joe Henry - The Man I Keep Hidden
(from 'Blood From Stars' album, 2009 / Anti)
11. Carolina Chocolate Drops - Trampled Rose
(from 'Genuine Negro Jig' album, 2010 / Nonesuch)
12. The Swell Season - Young Hearts Run Free
(Candi Staton cover, from 'Levi's Pioneer Sessions 2010' downloads, 2010)
13. Joe Henry - I Can Quit Anytime
(from 'This Afternoon" single, 2003 / Anti)
Total time : 61mn53s

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Djouls and Nicolas Ragonneau (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Nicolas Ragonneau, picture : Halloween in Chicago, 1950s. © Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Interview of Joe Henry : English version | French version
Joe Henry : official | Anti- | discogs | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | wikipedia | a blog about Joe Henry
Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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