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Nick Rosen - Joy & Hope Mix

Nick Rosen - Joy and Hope Mix
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-12-31

Nick Rosen is a 25 year old bass musician from Sherman Oaks, CA. He plays regularly with The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, Build An Ark, and other world renowned ensembles based in Los Angeles, including his own group The Nick Rosen Group. He released a beautiful album on Porter Records last summer, Into The sky, and we wanted to give him an opportunity to present himself to our audience, with selections from his recordings and some music he loves. A mellow mix for late night listeners who don't feel the urge to party at all costs for new year's eve...

Tracklisting :
01. Build an Ark - Love
(from 'Love part 1' album, 2009 / Kindred Spirits)
02. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Patience
(from 'Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth' album, 2006 / Stones Throw)
03. Nick Rosen - The Blossoming Song
(from 'Into The Sky' album, 2010 / Porter)
04. Jon Brion - Row
(from 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' soundtrack, 2004 / Hollywood)
05. Nick Rosen - The Orchid Room (Re-Edit / Additions by Carlos Niño featuring Jesse Peterson)
(from 'Orchid Room' 7 inch, 2010 / Porter)
06. Benji Hughes - All You've Gotta Do Is Fall in Love
(from 'A Love Extreme' album, 2008 / New West)
07. Nick Rosen - Nature's Breath
(from 'Into The Sky' album, 2010 / Porter)
08. Donny Hathaway - Someday we'll All be Free
(from 'These Songs For You, Live!' compilation, 2004 / Atlantic)

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Nick Rosen (|
Artwork layout by Djouls (

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Captain Detendu - Wish You A Stupid Xmas 2010

Captain Detendu - Wish You A Stupid Xmas 2010
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-12-24

Our favorite and grooviest musical humorist Captain Detendu has cooked, for the first christmas of the new decade, another one of his amazing Xmas mixes. Some really crazy stuff in there as usual... Enjoy the holidays vibe with those musical treats - and please don't tell the children that no known species of reindeer can fly!!

Tracklisting :
01. Unknown - Something Horrible
02. Orquesta Tabaco Y Ron - Feliz Navidad
(from 'Ponle Salsa a tu Navidad' album, 2005 / Dimelo! Records)
03. Byron Lee and The Dragonaires - Winter Wonderland Reggae
(from 'Christmas Party Time In The Tropics' LP, 1966 / Dynamic)
04. Disco Band - Promenade en Traineau (Sleigh Ride)
(from 'Noel Disco' album, 2001 / Disques Merite)
05. Kasio Kristmas - Deck The Halls
(from 'Kasio Kristmas' album, 2009 / Blue Thumb Productions)
06. The Rock-A-Fire-Explosions - Disco Christmas
(from 'Disco Christmas' 7 inch, 1982 / Creative Records)
07. Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison - Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas
(from 'Happy Holidays' album, 2003 / Boar's Nest)
08. Jim Nabors - Doodle Ee Doo
(from 'Christmas in Hawaii with Jim Nabors' LP, 1981 / Bluewater)
09. Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks - Christmas Mornin'
(from 'Crazy for Christmas' album, 2010 / Surfdog)
10. The Surfers - Mele Kalikimaka
(from 'Christmas from Hawaii' LP, 1959 / Hi Fi Records)
11. Gay Robots - Jingle Bells
(from 'Not Your Grandfather's Holiday Album Vol.2' album, 2010 / Indaba Music)
12. Elvis vs AC/DC - Here Comes Santa Claus Back in Black
(from Voicedude's mashup at, 2009)

The original cover artworks are to be found on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Captain Detendu (|
Artwork layout by Djouls ( with the help of Nicolas Tamisier

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The Boo Radleys, Brave Captain, Martin Carr - A Bittersweet Pop Selection

The Boo Radleys, Brave Captain, Martin Carr - A Bitterweet Pop Selection
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-12-19

The Boo Radleys were one the best Pop bands of the 1990s, from shoegazing riffs to psychedelic songs and britpop hits, they paved the way for the next decade's UK stadium pop groups. Their leader Martin Carr, one of the most talented songwriters of the last 20 years, never stopped marrying experimentation with pop melodicism, he's been running a critically-acclaimed solo career for 10 years now. This selection, on the bittersweet side of his music rather than the obvious hits and anthems, should fit perfectly with this sunday's snowy mood of Paris...

Tracklisting :
01. The Boo Radleys - Boo! Forever
(from 'Boo! Forever' single, 1992 / Creation)
02. The Boo Radleys - Lazarus
(from 'Lazarus' single, 1992 / Creation)
03. The Boo Radleys - Upon 9th And Fairchild
(from 'Giant Steps' album, 1993 / Creation)
04. The Boo Radleys - There She Goes
(from 'So I Married An Axe Murderer' sundtrack, 1993 / )
*05. The Boo Radleys - Wilder (Rock Field Mix)
(from '14/94' promo compilation, 1994 / Squatt)
06. The Boo Radleys - Fairfax Scene
(from 'Wake Up!' album, 1995 / Creation)
07. The Boo Radleys - Everything Is Sorrow
(from 'C'mon Kids' album, 1996 / Creation)
08. The Boo Radleys - Tomorrow
(from 'Find The Way Out' compilation, 2005 / Sanctuary UK)
09. The Boo Radleys - The Old Newsstand At Hamilton Square
(from 'Kingsize' album, 1998 / Creation)
10. Brave Captain - Raining Stones
(from 'The Fingertip Saint Sessions Vol.1' album, 2000 / Wichita)
11. Brave Captain - Big Red Control Machine
(from 'The Fingertip Saint Sessions Vol.1' album, 2000 / Wichita)
12. Brave Captain - Corporation Man
(from 'Corporation Man' single, 2001 / Boobytrap)
13. Martin Carr - Goldrush '49
(from 'Ye Gods (and little fishes)' album, 2009 / Sonnyboy)

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected by Djouls, mixed by Grant Phabao and Djouls / Colored-Inc. (
Audio Mastering by Grant Phabao ( |
Artwork layout by Djouls (

Links :

Bjorn Torske's skrangle-house selected by Colored-Inc.

Bjorn Torske's skrangle-house selected by Colored-Inc.
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-11-21

Norwegian producer and DJ Bjorn Torske has just released his 4th album, Kokning, on the Smalltown Supersound label. We've been listening to his avant-disco, weirdo-dub, post-punk, and quirky electronica for more than 10 years now, waiting for each new album with feverish expectaton of where he'll be heading next. It was high time to share those deep scandinavian grooves with Paris DJs subscribers!!

Tracklisting :
01. Bjorn Torske - Spelunker
(from 'Feil Knapp' album, 2007 / Smalltown Supersound)
02. Ephemera - Last Thing (Bjorn Torske Remix)
(from 'Bjorn Torske and Zak Frost Present Scando-Nova (Future Sounds From The Scandinavian Underground)' compilation, 2002 / Fuego)
03. Bjorn Torske - Versjon Wolfenstein
(from 'Kokning' album, 2010 / Smalltown Supersound)
04. Bjorn Torske - Ode To A Duck
(from 'Nedi Myra' album, 1998 / Ferox)
05. N* Grandjean - Shadow (Bjorn Torske Short Edit Remix)
(from 'Wake Up EP' compilation, 2009 / Copenhagen)
06. Royksopp - Eple (Bjorn Torske Remix)
(from 'Eple' single, 2001 / Wall of Sound)
07. Bjorn Torske - Hatten Passer
(from 'Feil Knapp' album, 2007 / Smalltown Supersound)
08. Keyboy - Isla (Torske's Hobbydub)
(from 'DJ World Series: Nordic Chill' compilation, 2003 / DJ Magazine)
09. Bjorn Torske - Hard Trafikk
(from 'Trobbel' album, 2001 / Telle)
10. Bjorn Torske - Expresso
(from 'Nedi Myra' album, 1998 / Ferox)
11. Bjorn Torske - Nitten Nitti
(from 'Kokning' album, 2010 / Smalltown Supersound)
12. Bjorn Torske - Oppi Ura
(from 'Trobbel' album, 2001 / Telle)
13. Bjorn Torske - Dub Vendors
(from 'Heavyweight Rib Ticklers: Compiled By Mr Scruff' compilation, 2002 / Unfold)
14. Bjorn Torske - Disco Members
(from 'Wall of Sound presents Telle' compilation, 2000 / Wall of Sound)
15. Bjorn Torske - Jeg Vil Vaere Soppelmann (WOW! Edit By Erot)
(from 'Battlestar XB-7' 10 inch, 1999 / Svek)

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris Djs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao and Djouls / Colored-Inc. (
Audio Mastering by Grant Phabao ( |
Artwork layout by Djouls (

Links :

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Cee-Lo Is The One Vol.2 - Selected by Colored-Inc.

Cee-Lo Is The One Vol.2 - Selected by Colored-Inc.
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-11-14

Way back in 2006, nearly a year ater starting this Paris DJs website, we already showed our love for Cee-Lo's voice and music, through an exclusive mix called Cee-Lo Is The One, and through an exclusive reggae remix of The One. Four years later and we're still here, diggin' in yesterday's crates as much as today's new things, celebrating some selected records releases and parties in Paris... And a cool one is on its way, with Cee-Lo Green playing december 1st at Le Trabendo in Paris, so here's a bit of conceptual continuity with this second volume of Cee-Lo is the one!

Tracklisting :
01. Fantasia - The Thrill Is Gone feat. Cee-Lo Green
(from 'Back To Me' album, 2010 / J Records)
02. Cee-Lo - Sexual Chocolate
(from 'Violator: The Album, Vol.2.0' soundtrack, 2001)
03. Cee-Lo Green - Talking To Strangers
(from 'Stray Bullets' mixtape, 2010 / The Grey Area)
04. Jack Splash and Cee-Lo Green - Right Now
(from 'The Heart Attack' single, 2006 / Warner)
05. Ali And Gipp - I Told Ya feat. Cee-Lo and Bun B
(from 'Kinfolk' album, 2007 / Derrty Ent.)
06. Cee-Lo - I Want You (produced by Jack Splash)
(radio rip from Gilles Peterson's show, 2010)
07. Gnarls Barkley - Surprise
(from 'The Odd Couple' album, 2008 / Warner)
08. Gnarls Biggie - Can I Get With Ya Crazy Butt
(from 'Gnarls Biggie' album, 2006 / bootleg)
09. Estelle - Pretty Please (Love Me) feat. Cee-Lo
(from 'Shine' album, 2008 / Atlantic)
10. Nat King Cole - Lush Life feat. Cee-Lo
(from 'Re: Generations' compilation, 2009 / Capitol)
11. Cee Lo Green - Fuck You!
(from 'The Lady Killer' album, 2010 / Elektra)
12. Cee Lo Green - Georgia feat. The Menahan Street Band
(from 'Georgia' single, 2010 / Elektra)
13. Cee-Lo Green - It's OK
(from 'The Lady Killer' album, 2010 / Elektra)

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao and Djouls / Colored-Inc. (
Audio Mastering by Grant Phabao ( |
Artwork layout by Djouls (

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Dj Kanada Kaosz from The Qualitons - Soul Beat 2010

Dj Kanada Kaosz from The Qualitons - Soul Beat 2010
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-11-05

Thanks to Tobias Kirmayer's label Tramp Records we've been introduced to the fantastic Hungarian funk from The Qualitons, a Budapest collective assembled by DJ/producer Kanada Kaosz after seeing bands such as The Whitefield Brothers smashing minds on stage in 2007. Their album Panoramic Tymes released last september is an incendiary blend of funk, afro, 60's beat and garage rock grooves, mostly intrumental with a couple of vocal tunes, which we cannot advise you enough to buy it on vinyl before it's sold out! DJ Kanada Kaosz cooked this tight and mixed introduction to the band's sounds to get you in the right mind, and should be back quite soon with some Hungarian psybeat delicatessen!

Tracklisting :
01. The Lind and Linders - Do The Crap
(from 'Go-Go Group Sounds Japan 1965-69' compilation, 2006 / Maniakku-Beat)
02. The Qualitons - Overdose
(from 'Panoramic Tymes' album, 2010 / Tramp)
03. Zoo Nee Voo - Green Onions
(from 'World Of Zoo Nee Voo' album, 1968 / Columbia)
04. Carlo Montez - Danger In Go Go Boots
(from 'Nymphomania, A Collection Of Sexy European Gogo Music From The 60's' compilation, 2008 / Sexy Hexy)
05. The Krew Kats - Jack's Good
(from 'Samovar' 7 inch, 1961 / His Master's Voice)
06. Jack and The Mods - It's Your Thing
(from 'It's Your Thing' 7 inch, 1971 / Hamtown)
07. The Qualitons - Margit
(from 'C'Mon Baby' 7 inch, 2010 / Tramp)
08. Dean Parrish - Turn On Your Lovelight
(from 'Determination' 7 inch, 1966 / Boom)
09. This 'N' That - Get Down With It
(from 'Get Down With It' 7 inch, 1967 / Strike)
10. Thee Impalas - Oh Yeah!
(from 'Come On Up' 7 inch, 1967 / Whittier)
11. Les Planetes - Mon Ami Noir
(from 'Girl Group Power - Quebec 60's Go-GO Music' compilation, 1998 / Ultrachicks)

All the original cover artworks, as usual, are to be seen on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Dj Kanada Kaosz from The Qualitons
Links : official site | facebook | myspace | soundcloud | parisdjs
Artwork layout by Djouls (

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Nelo - Eclectik Mix Autumn 2010

Nelo - Eclectik Mix
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-10-25

Some of you might remember Nelo for her Come To Me song, extracted from her album produced by Professor Oz, Rue Myrha, and played in 2009 in our 21st Century Roots Vol.5 mix... Some others might have caught her deejaying every week-end at the Saut du Loup restaurant in the center of Paris. Anyways we're proud to invite our first girl DJ! Her Eclectik mix is made for a cool and loungy evening, right before going out...

Tracklisting :
01. Goldfrapp - Black Cherry
(from 'Black Cherry' album, 2003 / Mute)
more info on
02. 1 Giant Leap - Racing Away feat. Grant Lee Phillips & Horace Andy
(from '1 Giant Leap' album, 2002 / Palm Pictures)
more info on
03. Dafuniks - Ease My Mind feat. Joseph Agami & Barbara Aersoe
(from 'Bone Jacked & Buggin Out' album, 2008 / Bumblebeat)
more info on
04. Chinese Man - Ordinary Man
(from 'The Groove Sessions Vol.2' album, 2009 / Chinese Man)
more info on
05. M.I.A - Amazon
(from 'Arular' album, 2005 / XL)
more info on
06. The Beta Band - Squares (Wallace Collection - Day Dream)
more info on
(from 'Hot Shots II' album, 2001 / Regal)
07. Dusty Springfield - Spooky
(from 'How Can I Be Sure' 7 inch, 1970, Philips / available on the 'Dusty... Definitely' CD reissue, 2001)
more info on
08. Sweet Thunder - Everybody's Singin' Love Songs
(from 'Sweet Thunder' album, 1978 / Fantasy WMOT Records)
more info on
09. Neeky FunKzoid - possdaohoOoh
more info on
10. Cocosuma - We Were A Trio
(from 'We Were A Trio' album, 2005 / 3rd Side)
more info on
11. Chromeo - My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)
(from 'Fancy Footwork' album, 2007 / V2)
more info on
12. John Daly - This Is A Lonely Beat
(from 'Drumpoems Verse 2' compilation, 2009 / Drumpoet Community)
more info on
13. Pier Bucci - Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix)
(from 'Familia Remix EP 2' 12 inch, 2006 / Crosstown Rebels)
more info on
14. Eyerer & Chopstick - Haunting (Sleeper Thief Remix)
(from 'Haunting' 12 inch, 2007 / Session Deluxe)
more info on
15. Beanfield - The Season (Swag's Vocal Mix)
(from 'The Season' single, 2000 / Compost)
more info on
16. Booster Feat. Juan Rozoff - You're The One
(from 'Loop In Release' album, 2001 / Blue Note France)
more info on
17. interludes love film ;-) !
18. A Guy Called Gerald - Silent Cry (Gerico)
(from 'Black Secret Technology' album, 1995 / Juice Box)
more info on

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Nelo (
Audio mastering by Professor Oz (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using a photo by Aurelie Vandenweghe

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DJ Modest / Belleruche - Call That A Mixtape ?

DJ Modest / Belleruche - Call That A Mixtape ?
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-10-05

After 2007's Turntable Soul Music and 2008's The Express, Belleruche are back this month with their 3rd album, 270 Stories, their most cohesive yet. The trio, comprised of vocalist Kathrin deBoer, guitarist Ricky Fabulous and turntablist DJ Modest, continue with their signature 'soul, guitars, stripped down lo-fi grooves and turntablism scratches' sound, encompassing trip-hop, blues and soul. To celebrate the event, here's an eclectic mix of pop, electro, drum'n'bass, hip hop and more, including an exclusive remix of Cher's Bang Bang, all cooked by DJ Modest while bouncing around the record room! Note that all f**k ups are completely intentional...

Tracklisting :
01. Cher - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Modest edit)
02. Hedde Gy'N Nieuwe Jur - Unknown
03. The Slew - 100%
04. Buck 65 - Shutter Buggin'
05. King Honey - Olde Peculiar
06. Jahmiga - Porque Te Dub
07. Boom Bib & Gruff Rhys - Do's And Don'ts
08. P-Love - Rocket Launch Test
09. The Bug - Poison Dart
10. Chrissy Murderbot - The Limelight feat. MC Zulu
11. MJ Cole - Volcano Riddim
12. Yt - England Story
13. Roots Manuva - Again & Again (Arctic Monkeys Remix)
14. Toddla T - Do U Know (Rob G's Dub)
15. Eduk - Popozuda Rock N' Roll (Diplo Remix)
16. Diplo - Bandida feat. Deize Tigrona
17. M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
18. Tricky - Uk Jamican
19. Plasticzooms - Under Black (Dandi Wind Remix)
20. Buck 65 - Bandits
21. Sons & Daughters - Fight
22. Gil-Scott Heron - I'm New Here
23. The Aliens - Theremin
24. Fred McDowell - Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning

Credits :
Selected and mixed by DJ Modest from Belleruche (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using a press photo from the band

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Psycut presents What The Jazz !

Psycut presents What The Jazz !
Jazz Attitudes special 'What the Jazz' Party
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-09-23

On friday, september 24th the What The Funk party in Paris will mute into a What The Jazz fiesta with Adrian Gibson, Soulist, Psycut and Koko!! Here's an appetizer cooked by DJ Psycut with a lot of jazz attitude...

Tracklisting :
01. Substantial - My Favorite Things
(from 'My Favorite Things/Day In The Life' 7 inch, 2009 / Hi Hat Records)
more info on |
02. Povo - Bennie's Groove
(from 'City Blues' 12 inch, 2009 / Ricky Tick)
more info on
03. Elizabeth Shepherd - Parkdale
(from 'Parkdale' 7 inch, 2008 / Do Right!)
more info on
04. Talib Kibwe Odyssey - Pinnacle of Joy
(from 'Egyptian Oasis' LP, 1986 / Anais)
more info on
05. Joel Drouin Quintet - Basse Partout
(from 'Hot Normandie' compilation LP, 1986 / CRJHN)
06. Johnny Griffin - The Turk's Bolero
(from 'Foot Patting' LP, 1970 / Young Blood)
more info on
07. Jazz Celula - Probuzeni
(from 'Ohen Az Pozar' LP, 1976 / Panton)
more info on
08. Dimenzio - Bamba (The Fool)
(from 'Dimenzio' LP, 1981 / Pepita)
more info on
09. Black White And Co - Overture
(from 'Stop' LP, 1982 / JPLL Production)
more info on
10. Michael Jackson - Remember the Time (Roy Boogie's brukup)
(from 'Remember The Time' 7 inch, 2008 / Early)
more info on
11. Bobby Byrd - If You Don't Work You Can't Eat (Broken Beat remix)
(from 'If You Don't Work You Can't Eat' 12 inch / white label)

All the original record covers are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by DJ Psycut (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using a photo from istolethetv under a creative commons license

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Clutchy Hopkins - Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz - Selected by Colored-Inc.

Clutchy Hopkins - Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz - Selected by Colored-Inc.
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-09-13

Clutchy Hopkins has released 8 albums in the last 5 years but his (their?) identity remains a mystery. We got in touch with his first label Crate Diggler Records in january 2009 in order to license a track for the It's The New Hip Hop Thing compilation... Then we recently been contacted by someone from the Clutchy Hopkins Organization who jumped on our proposal to do a special Clutchy Hopkins mix on Paris DJs. But no concrete info leaked, so let's focus on the music: hard to describe, it's blending funk, jazz, hip hop, psychedelia in a groovy cinematic whole that's quite unique... and we're quite sure you're gonna love it!

Tracklisting :
01. Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins - Full Moon
(from 'Clutch Of The Tiger' album, 2008 / Ubiquity)
02. Clutchy Hopkins - Light As A Feather
(from 'The Story Teller' album, 2010 / Ubiquity)
03. Clutchy Hopkins - Nightshade feat. Fat Albert Einstein
(exclusive track from, 2010)
04. Clutchy Hopkins - Giraffe Crack
(from 'The Story Teller' album, 2010 / Ubiquity)
05. Misled Children - 2:59
(from 'Peoples Market' album)
06. Clutchy Hopkins - 3:02
(from 'The Life of Clutchy Hopkins' album, 2005 / Crate Digglers)
07. Clutchy Hopkins - Love Of A Women feat. Darondo
(from 'Walking Backwards' album, 2008 / Ubiquity)
08. MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins - Air
(from 'MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins' 12 inch, 2006 / Bootleg)
09. The Misled Children And Odean Pope - Foregone
(from 'The Misled Children Meet Odean Pope' album, 2008 / Porter)
10. Ohmega Watts - Eyes And Ears (Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
(from 'Eyes and Ears' digital single, 2008 / Ubiquity)
11. Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin - Riff Raff Rollin
(from 'Music Is My Medicine' album, 2009 / Ubiquity)
12. Alice Russell - All Alone (DJ Day Meets Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
(from 'Pot Of Gold Remixes' compilation, 2009 / Little Poppet)
13. Clutchy Hopkins and Shawn Lee - Ancient Chinese Secret
(from 'Fascinating Fingers' album, 2009 / Ubiquity)
14. Exile - In Love (Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
(from 'Radio AM/FM' compilation, 2010 / Plug Research)

All the original cover artworks, a video and a complete discography are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao and Djouls / Colored-Inc. (
Audio Mastering by Grant Phabao ( |
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using a painting from Thabeat Valera (