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The Dreadless Soldier Deep Dubstep Mixtape Vol 2

The Dreadless Soldier - Mixtape Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast #504) 2021-01-15

Following up on his "Mixtape Vol.1" (Paris DJs mix n° 499), The Dreadless Soldier strikes back, exploring new landscapes of this musical genre known as dubstep. Welcome on board for this 60 minutes rollercoaster drive, down from the deep, dark and moody, all the way up to the brightest…

P.S. (1) : Decent bass amplification or quality headphones are required for optimum sonic experience!
P.S. (2) : Ooh, tracklist is 42 tunes long, soooo… Shazam is your friend!

Credits :
Selected, edited, mixed, mastered and illustrated by The Dreadless Soldier

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