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Paris DJs Soundsystem - The Highlife Express - Deep and Funky Africa 80s
Paris DJs Soundsystem - The Highlife Express - Deep & Funky Africa 80's
(MP3 Podcast on 2017-06-30

Hot on the heels of the first season of 15 episodes of Paris DJs & Le T-shirt Français "Wearplay" series, combining clothing, music and graphic design, we're already back with the first episode of the second season! While we won't be able to release a new episode every day of the week this time, we've tried our best to add a new wow factor to our concept. Paris DJs co-founder Loik cooked a hypnotic mix of deep & funky tunes from 1980s Africa, a perfect summer selection, destined to grow on you after repeated listening. Paris DJs' in-house sound engineer Grant Phabao then carefully mastered the mix, while poster artist Ben Hito draw an illustration inspired by the theme and music. Then Clément, the main man behind Le T-shirt Français, printed it on a cotton-brushed, made in France T-shirt of his own production. This mix is available as a free download in compressed MP3 format on Paris DJs' podcast, or as a high-quality audio file on Bandcamp, through a unique download code printed on the back of the Wearplay T-shirt.

Last week's heat wave had us think : when it's that hot, it's high time to get on the groovy train and catch the "Highlife Express"! Whether people call it simply Highlife or Frimpong style, with a pinch of Afrosynth, funky, digital and cosmic vibes (check the second part of the last song!), this is a highly addictive sound. Acting like a soul massage for the heart, it's purely designed to make you feel good. We're proud to share with you these good vibes, through a selection of 80's vinyl mainly from Ghana, supposed to take you on a deep and groovy ride...

Tracklisting :
01. The Diamond 3 - Downfall Of A Man
(from 'Pocket No Good' album, 1982 / EMI Nigeria)
02. Kyerematen Stars Band Of Ghana - Maye Opi Den
(from 'Odo Bra' album, 1987 / Jimaco Nigeria)
03. Ashanti Brothers International Band Of Ghana - Emere Nyiinna Nse
(from 'Osei Vasco' album, 1982 / Sounds Linacco Nigeria)
04. Captain Newman & Super 7 Band Of Ghana - After You Na Me
(from 'After You Na Me' album, 1988 / Ugoh And Company Nigeria)
05. Apollo International Band of Ghana - Taxi Driver
(from 'Taxi Driver ' album, 1984 / Cy Nigeria)
06. Nana Tuffour - Ye Wo Asaase
(from 'Ye Wo Asaase' album, 1985 / EMI Germany)
07. Ozzobia - Ndi Oma
(from 'Man No Good' album, 1986 / Nigerphone)
08. Atakora Manu - Bebo Me Nkomo
(from 'Afro Highlife' album, 1981 / Society Ivoirienne du Disque)
Total time : 60mn 13s

All the original cover artworks from records played in this mix are available on

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Loik (
Mastered by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | juno | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Le T-shirt Français : official | bandcamp | facebook | instagram | issuu | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook

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