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Paris DJs Soundsystem - Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol.5

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol.5
(MP3 Podcast on 2015-03-06

Some people just stream. Some take a subscription to a streaming service and they feel they have all the music they need at their disposal, anytime. One thing's for sure, they're passing on the cool free music downloads we're hunting for this series of selections. Those are often special tracks, mashups, remixes aiming towards DJs or to showcase some music skills; to which we try to add a vast batch of fresh new singles just coming out of the oven, and tracks picked for some cool festivals' mixtapes. The "free" music model is an ever-expanding business so this series of mixes is for the moment an ongoing, unlimited one, and, as usual, every one of the tunes played here is available separately on the web (check the links in the tracklisting), so we're proud to be able to say once more that some of the best things in life are free!

We open with a bootie from producer Sam Redmore (who's just liberated all his mashups on Bandcamp!), blending a classic hip hop tune from NYC duo Dead Prez with a roots reggae production from Israeli hip hop stars Subliminal & Chulu. A mashup by Birmingham DJ Sam Redmore, who's just put out a slew of free remixes on his bandcamp page. We checked all those and picked another bootleg that'll appear later on in this mix, with the a capella of a neo-standard from Missy Elliott over a cumbia groove by NYC producers/DJs Greenwood Rhythm Coalition (check their 2011 Paris DJs guest mix)…

Things then get trippy on a jazz tip, with Los Angeles band Buyepongo doing an interpretation and homage to Mulatu Astake, before going into deep hip hop beats from Belgian producer Poldoore, reworking Bill Withers' classic 'Ain't No Sunshine', and a reverse action turn, with rhymes from San Diego rapper Real J. Wallace over a Lee Fields & The Expressions instrumental.

A cut 'n'roll and starts the 3rd single from The Suffers, a ten-piece band from Houston, TX who are redefining the sound of Gulf Coast Soul, intertwining elements of classic American soul with pop and latin percussion. A cumbia/hip hop Sam Redmore mashup later and begins a new… Monophonics deep soul tune! The San Francisco psychedelic funk band is on fire on the web these days, with free singles on Bandcamp, live tunes on soundcloud and more… They have a new album coming out soon and it's cool to see them keeping on sharing and caring that much. Love this band.

Picking a tune from the just released 'Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space' blending 90s NYC hip hop with Beatles samples wasn't easy. The Edan one is heavy shit and quite respectful of the psychedelic hip hop master previous works. Things get even heavier right after, with some Afro-Balkanese funk from Brooklyn's Breakdown Brass band, recorded at Dunham Studios by Thomas Brenneck! Damn cool and a free download just like all the other tunes in this mix!!

Let's keep on getting nuts, with a mad disco rap from Gift of Gab and Raashan Ahmad, extracted from the just released Motown versus Quannum remix project 'MoQuannum: Soul To Sole'; with a funk rock cover of Babe Ruth's 'The Mexican' by the GZA (Wu-Tang Clan) and Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine); with a new latin dancefloor rework by Boston-based duo Whiskey Barons

Tim Love Lee and Shawn Lee follow, with cinematic funk taken from their 'New York Trouble' project based on KPM 1970s LPs. We then take a stroll to one of our favorite Afro blogs, Orogod, with a 45 from Sierra Leone musician/singer/songwriter Bunny Mack, and his classic 1979 disco hit 'Let Me Love You'. This one's never gets old.

Finally, we close this show with some Canadian funk and a tune extracted from the gritty, live-recorded 'Dirt On The Floor EP' from The Soul Motivators in Toronto, Ontario. And we'll be back with a new eclectic selection of free tunes in a month or two, of course!

Tracklisting :
01. Dead Prez vs Chulu & Subliminal - Hip Hop (Sam Redmore Mashup)
(from 'All Tracks' compilation, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
02. Buyepongo - Mulatu Para Ti
(from 'Maestros' 7 inch, 2015 / Soul Fiesta)
[free download on]
03. Poldoore - Ain't No Sunshine
(from 'Ain't No Sunshine' digital single, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
04. Real J Wallace vs. Lee Fields & The Expressions - King Jaffe
(from 'Martin Fields' EP, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
05. The Suffers - Make Some Room
(from 'Make Some Room' EP, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
06. Missy Elliott vs Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Work It En Cumbia (Sam Redmore Mashup)
(from 'All Tracks' compilation, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
07. Monophonics - My Heart Cries feat. Tiffany Austin
(from 'My Heart Cries' digital single, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
08. Edan vs The Beatles - Hello Hello
(from 'An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space' mixtape, 2015 / self-released)
[free download link on]
09. Breakdown Brass - The Horseman
(from 'The Horseman' digital single, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
10. Gift Of Gab vs Jackson 5 - Fortitude Dancing Machine feat. Raashan Ahmad (Guillermo Chiapa Mashup)
(from 'MoQuannum: Soul To Sole' compilation, 2015 / The Goodwill Projects)
[free download on]
11. The GZA - The Mexican feat. Tom Morello
(from 'The Mexican' digital single, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
12. Los Kenton - Triunfare (bogart's Whiskey Barons rework)
(from 'Triunfare' digital single, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
13. Tim Love Lee/Shawn Lee - High Five Shake Down
(from 'Best Of 2014' compilation, 2015 / Tummy Touch)
[free download on]
14. Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You
(from 'Let Me Love You' 12 inch, 1979 / Rokel)
[free download on]
15. The Soul Motivators - Aftermath
(from 'Aftermath' digital single, 2015 / self-released)
[free download on]
Total time : 59mn 32s

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Credits :
Selected by Djouls (
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

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