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DJ Kanadakaosz from The Qualitons - Hungarobeat

DJ KanadaKaosz - Hungarobeat
File under Magyar Kislemezek / Beat / Kommy-Garage / Socio-Rock / Rhythm And Blues
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-05-19

You might remember Tobias Kirmayer's label Tramp Records, and especially the fantastic Hungarian jazz, funk and afro from The Qualitons, a Budapest collective assembled by DJ/producer Kanadakaosz, inspired by bands such as The Whitefield Brothers... Their 2010 album, Panoramic Tymes, is an incendiary blend of funk, afro, 60's beat and garage rock grooves, mostly intrumental with a couple of vocal tunes, which we cannot advise you enough to buy it on vinyl before it's sold out! After a first introductory mix, DJ Kanadakaosz, who's also a member of the DJ/digger team specialized in hungarian records Budapest BrakeCsokkerz, is back with this amazing mix of vintage Hungarian Psybeat from the 60s and the 70s, and I'm quite certain you've never heard this before!!

Tracklisting :
01. Nemenyi Bela Es Az Atlantisz - Holnap Delutan Otkor
02. Demjen Ferenc Es A Meteor - Kivanj Te Is Nekem Szep Joejszakat
03. Magay Clemetina Es Az Echo - Te Sem Tudhatod Elore
04. Pasztor Laszlo Es A Neoton - A Telbol Tavasz Lett
05. Echo - Nem Szulettem Vaganynak
06. Illes - Menekules
07. Nemenyi Bela, Sanko Laszlo Es Az Atlantisz - Aladdin
08. Matray Zsuzsa Es A Liversing - Konyorogni Nem Fogok
09. Somlo Tamas Es Az Omega - Nem Szeretlek
10. Frenreisz Karoly Es A Metro - Felmasztam Egy Jo Nagy Fara
11. Nemenyi Bela Es Az Atlantisz - Kinai Fal
12. Omega - Kiabalj, Enekelj
13. Kovacs Kati Es Az Illes - Tobbe Ne Telefonalj
14. Koncz Zsuzsa, Harmonia Vokal Es A Liversing - Jaj, Mi Lesz Velem Ezutan
15. Papay Farago Laszlo Es A Sirius - Igy Mulat Egy Beates Magyar Ur
16. The Qualitons - Menyasszonytanc (Wed-Dance)

Notes : track 16 from The Qualitons is unreleased, exclusive to this mix. You may read an in-depth introduction by DJ Kanadakaosz, get all the original 45s cover artworks, watch videos and get links about the Hungarian 60s/70s scene, all on the Paris DJs Blog!!

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Dj Kanadakaosz from The Qualitons
Links : official site | facebook | soundcloud | The Qualitons on myspace | Budapest BrakeCsokkerz on myspace | parisdjs
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using a flyer by Lobot who also does all Qualitons artwork except for the amazing logo

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