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Ivan Tchijevsky - Urban Romances
Ivan Tchijevsky - Urban Romances
From Russian Diggers and Dealers with Soviet Groove!
(MP3 Podcast on 2009-05-21

To your attention, I bring you an anti-crisis podcast from the creators of diggers-dealers of the Soviet Groove style. If you'd like to attract Roman Abramovich and his spouse, to amaze Anna Kurnikova and Natalya Vodianova with your knowledge of Russian language or just good quality music, or you would like to organise a party or just a welcome meeting in your office, embassy, or to invite your clients from Russia to a picnic - then this podcast is especially crafted for you! Is this podcast already being played in your cafe in Montmartre or Soho? If you're kool guys and girls who i think you are, then you are welcome here! (Ivan)

Tracklisting :
01. Unknown - Woman Mystery (from "Magician" original soundtrack)
02. Happy Guys - Moscow
03. Verasi Group - Snow Man
04. Singing Hearts - Let's Reconcile
05. Samocveti - Snowflake
06. Disco Group - Orchestra
07. Constantin Orbelyan - Live Mean Singing
08. Iveria Group - If It Ain't So
09. Vladimir Visockiy - Rockclimber Girl
10. Edita Pjeha - I Will Not Come Back To You
11. Jury Antonov - Moscow
12. Melody Group - Bears Song

Credits :
Selected, mixed and designed by Ivan Tchijevsky
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

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