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The Dreadless Soldier - Deep Dubstep Mixtape

The Dreadless Soldier - Mixtape Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast #499) 2020-10-16

The times they are a-changing A LOT these days. People everywhere around the globe are facing new threats. Propaganda formerly qualified as information or entertainment has been debunked by whistleblowers and you now have to do your own research to understand what's going on. We felt in those hard times our followers would need some musical dope. So when The Dreadless Soldier came by Paris DJs with his latest mix, a fantastic one hour-long trip into DEEP DUBSTEP, which he selected, edited, mixed, mastered and illustrated himself (!), we asked right away if we could podcast the thing and he said yes. Sorry no tracklist, once again, DYOR! ;-)

Tracklisting :
sorry no info

Credits :
Selected, edited, mixed, mastered and illustrated by The Dreadless Soldier

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