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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents MRR-ADM Dirty Drums

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents MRR-ADM Dirty Drums
(MP3 Podcast on 2014-01-25

San Diego duo MHE are now known as MRR-ADM. MHE was for 'Machines Have Emotions', while MRR-ADM are the initials of their real names, Michael Raymond Russell and Adam Douglas Manella. All of their releases, between 2003 and 2006, have been on Sound In Color Records' now hard to find CDs, DVD, LPs, 12s or 7s - with only numbers for track names! In 2005 they worked with Heliocentrics drummer Malcolm Catto at Mike Burnham's Tardis Studio in Australia. In 2008 they put out a mysterious red 10 inch vinyl, 'featuring Malcolm Catto', sold out in 3 days, which put them in the spotlight. They've also collaborated with The Gaslamp Killer or Gonjasufi, and are preparing a first full-length recording to be released on Now-Again Records.

The sound of MRR-ADM can be summarized as modern library music with dope beats, sample-based hip-hop psych instrumentals: raw, psychedelic funk and jazz with a focus on dusty drums and bass, and some melodic touches from heavily processed guitars and synths. Dark, experimental and deeply funky, this is just AMAZING music which many rappers should trip on, again and again… Read their interview here for more info while listening to this 30mn selection of their work! And stay tuned for DRUMETRICS, the rebirth of their collective DIRTY DRUMS...

Tracklisting :
01. MRR-ADM - MHEMIDLUDE (also known as '4our')
(from 'Geisha House and Dolce Enoteca Presents: Sound In Color vol.1' compilation, 2006 / Sound In Color) info | buy
02. MHE - MHE008
(from 'MHE Sampler' album, 2009 / Media Creature Music) info
03. MHE - 000
(from 'Block Radius' compilation, 2003 / Sound In Color) info
04. MHE - Untitled
(unknown source)
05. The Gaslamp Killer - Dead Vets
(from 'Breakthrough' album, 2012 / Brainfeeder) info | buy
06. MRR-ADM - 5ive feat. Gonjasufi
(from 'Archive' album, 2011 / Now-Again) info
07. MHE - MHE001 (Extended)
(from 'MHE Sampler' album, 2009 / Media Creature Music) info
08. MRR-ADM - 11leven
(from 'Archive' album, 2011 / Now-Again) info
09. Gonjasufi - Holidays (MRR Remix)
(from 'The Caliphs Tea Party' album, 2010 / Warp) info | buy
10. MHE - MHE007
(from 'MHE Sampler' album, 2009 / Media Creature Music) info
11. MHE - MHE045
(from 'MHE Sampler' album, 2009 / Media Creature Music) info
12. MRR-ADM - 010
(from 'Untitled' 10 inch, 2008 / self-released) info
Total time : 31mn 29s

All the original cover artworks and a complete discography are available on

Credits :
Selected by Djouls (
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
MRR-ADM : discogs | facebook | nowagain | soundcloud
Dirty Drums : official | blogspot | facebook | soundcloud | tumblr
Drumetrics : discogs | facebook | soundcloud | youtube
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook

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