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Paris DJs Soundsystem - 21st Century Blaxploitation Vol.4

Paris DJs Soundsystem - 21st Century Blaxploitation Vol.4
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2012-06-27

So many cool 21st Century Blaxploitation-sounding tracks have been released recently that Paris DJs couldn't pass on concocting a new imaginary soundtrack of their famous Pam Grier-illustrated series. This new selection gathers Blaxploitation Funk & Soul, car chase themes, old school Hip Hop, Afrofunk, Jamesbrownisms, some jazz, breakbeats and more thrilling grooves… Respect to the friendly record-sending people out there: Kept Records in the US and their blasting 45s, Record Kicks in Italy and the banging funk LP from Third Coast Kings, Unique in Germany who introduced us to the Osaka Monaurail funk revue years ago, Kindred Spirits in the Netherlands and the joyfully spirited afrobeat of Jungle By Night, and finally Mackrosoft in Seattle and the amazing retro-hip-hop-funk of The Cheebacabra!

Tracklisting :
01. Szenario - Trying
(from 'Hypnotic Machine' album, 2012 / Project: Mooncircle) info | buy
02. Polyrhythmics - Klompton
(from 'The Imposter' 7 inch, 2011 / Kept Records) info | buy
03. Third Coast Kings - Cop It Proper
(from 'Third Coast Kings' album, 2012 / Record Kicks) info | buy
04. DJ Nu-Mark feat. Bumpy Knuckles - Dumpin' Em All
(from 'Dumpin' Em All' single, 2012 / Hot Plate) info | buy
05. Papa Chango - Dark Passenger
(from 'The Matador' album, 2012 / General Film Music) info | buy
06. Lettuce - Play
(from 'Fly' album, 2012 / Royal Family) info | buy
07. Tuatara - Action Thriller
(from 'Cinemathique' album, 2001 / Fast Horse Recordings) info
08. Osaka Monaurail - The Archipelago
(from 'State Of The World' album, 2011 / Unique) info | buy
09. Jungle By Night - Gallowstreet 34
(from 'Hidden' album, 2012 / Kindred Spirits) info | buy
10. Neal. - Adventurer
(from 'Bang' album, 2012 / Royal Family) info
11. New York Trouble - Light Stakeout Pt.1
(from 'Light Stakeout' 7 inch, 2011 / Tummy Touch/KPM) info | buy
12. The Uptown Felaz - Uptown Theme
(from 'First Gear EP' 12 inch, 2009 / Shiftin' Gear) info | buy
13. The Cheebacabra - The Delivery (Phase I)
(from 'Pass The Information' album, 2012 / Mackrosoft) info | buy
14. Brownout - FS1
(from 'Oozy' album, 2012 / NatGeo Records) info | buy
Total time : 50:12

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao and Djouls (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls (

Links :
Paris DJs : | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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