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Manu Boubli - Tribute To Henri Guedon
Manu Boubli - Tribute To Henri Guedon
(exclusive MP3 mix for Comet/Mind, 2005-03-03
File under : Salsa/Zouk

Info :
Percussionnist, painter and poet, Henri Guedon died a few days ago in Paris. The man who brought the Fania sound to Paris, the first French musician to have played with the masters of the afro-cuban music (Sabu Martinez, Ray Barretto, Marty Sheller...) deserved that an ultimate au revoir... Between classics and rarities (the album he did with Brazilian Solon Gon�§alves in Paris!), "Ca Ka Zouke" on the sound of the Antilles!

Tracklisting :
01. Henri Guedon Zouk Experience - Babille Cepa Pale
(from 'Percussion Des Antilles' 1977 / Epic)
2. Henri Guedon - Shiga Swing
(from 'Les Parisian's All Stars' 196? / Cabaz)
3. Henri Guedon - Carnaval Nou
(from 'La Contesta' 197? / Discocombo)
4. Henri Guedon - Sainte-Marie
(from 'Cosmozouk Percussion' 1974 / Epic)
5. Solon Goncalves & Son Orchestre - Macuba
(from 'En Direct Des Antilles: Biguines, Mazurkas, Marchimbas...' 1972 / Epic)
6. Henri 'Kike' Guedon Et Les Contesta - El Ciuda' Noy El Campesino
(from 'Henri Guedon Et Les Contesta' 1972 / Aux Ondes Disques Celini)
7. Henri Guedon - Faut Pas Pousser
(from 'Salsa Dans Le Bronx' 1980 / RCA)
8. Henri Guedon Zouk Experience - Machapia
(from 'Percussion Des Antilles' 1977 / Epic)
9. Anzala, Dolor Velo - Tifi La Ou Te Madam'
(from 'Anzala, Dolor, Velo' 197? / Aux Ondes Disques Celini)

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Info :
Selected and mixed by Manu Boubli (Comet/Mind)
Photos from Manu Boubli archives.
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