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Loik - Psychedelic Shack Vol.1
Loik - Psychedelic Shack Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked, 2005-10-28

The beginning of a long series of mixes dedicated to the groovy psychedelism of the early seventies. Charles Stepney, Norman Whitfield, George Clinton are among the founder figures of this explosion of total freedom which reorganized possible futures for music, by amalgamating a authentically Soul spirit to the brutal energy of Rock'n'roll (Feeling and Rage). A mix that will take you Higher!! 100% Vinyl.

Tracklisting :
01. Rotary Connection - Amen
(from 'Rotary Connection', 1967)
02. The Temptations - You Got My Soul On Fire
(from '1990', 1973)
03. The Undisputed Truth - I Saw You When You Met Her
(from 'Higher Than High', 1976)
04. Funkadelic - I Bet You
(from 'Funkadelic', 1970)
05. Earth Wind and Fire - C'mon Children
(from 'Earth, Wind and Fire', 1971)
06. Ebony Rhythm Band - Drugs Ain't Cool
(from 'Soul Heart Transplant/Drugs Ain't Cool', 1969)
07. The Rimshots - Neighbor! Get Your Own
(from 'Soul Train', 1971)
08. Magnum - Evolution
(from 'Fully Loaded', 1974)
09. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte
(from 'It's Just Begun', 1972)

Info :
Selected and mixed by Loik (
Artwork by Fourmy

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