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Ivan Tchizhevsky - Soviet Groove Vol.1
Ivan Tchizhevsky - Soviet Groove Vol.1

Tracklisting :
01. Intro (from 'Arsenal - Danger Game', 1979)
02. Jury Markin Orchestra - The Wheel (1978)
03. Pesniari Group - Gusliar Theme (1980)
04. Jury Markin Orchestra- Petia and Wolf Theme (1982)
05. Melody Orchestra - Cotton (1980)
06. Arsenal - The Tree (1979)
07. A. Babiy - Composition (1978)
08. Oleg Kuzenco - Suite (1978)

Note : In Soviet Union there is only one label - Melody Records...

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Info (english) :
After more than one year of trying to upper the standards of rare groove podcasting, we decided to open our programs to more musical experts than just our crew of Parisian crate-diggers. Our first guest comes from Russia, with love of course but also a selection of impossible-to-find Soviet Russia grooves. Here's the first half hour, with a "Part 2" coming up quite soon, and a little introduction specially written by our host of the week, Ivan Tchizhevsky :
"Welcome to Ivan Tchizhevsky podcast! This mix was recorded in Moscow (Russia) and it is a compilation of old records released in the Soviet Union during the 1970s.
It is hard to underestimate the effort of musicians who produced those records because at that time it was a question of working really hard to release something worth listening. Not only the poorer technology complicated the process, but the Communist party strong ideological control gave musicians a substantial pain in the ass as well. It was a multi-level vigilance by editors on various stages of production which filtered off everything that would not correspond with soviet ideology.
Moreover, because of the "Iron Curtain" musicians in the USSR could not get necessary information about the ultimate tendencies in contemporary music. We can only guess how many excellent records were suppressed by the communist censors. The advanced music styles like jazz and funk were considered being "vices of the West" and the Party bosses liked ballet more than music.
However, this mix represents only a microscopic part of vast amount of great records made in the Soviet Union. These records could be considered as a cultural heritage which yet has to be discovered (or rediscovered) by music-lovers all over the world." Ivan Tchizhevsky

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