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Ivan Tchijevsky - Diggin' Up Two Rare Concerts
Ivan Tchijevsky - Diggin' Up Two Rare Concerts
(exclusive mix for 2008-08-04

Tracklisting :
01. One day In Kiev - Jazz Ensemble 'Mugam'
02. Concert for the voice by Constantin Petrosyan

Info :
This is my fifth podcast, and to celebrate it, I have prepared something special, jazzy and at the same time, sodden with Caucasus folk culture. This podcast consists of two parts: First – is a fragment (pictures of Caucasus) of an jazz-ensemble called "Mugam" lead by Vagif Mustafa-Zade (1978).
Vagif Mustafa-zade – was a prize winner of such festivals as "Tallin-66", "Tallin-67" and "Jazz-69" in Azerbaijan. In 1977 Vagif became a prize-winner of an United Jazz festival in Donezk. Jazz festival "Tbilisi-78" has brought him a name as the best pianist in USSR. Having taken participation in the International jazz composition contest held in Monaco in 1979, Vagif won the First prize and received a beautiful white piano as a prize. Finding a more detailed biography of Vagif Mustafa-zade isn't that hard, most importantly is the effect his music brings on you.

Second part of the podcast is a fragment of a big-band concert by Vladimir Chekasin, with an assistance of an composer named Constantin Petrosyan. The voice of the project became Tatevick Oganesyan – the "queen" of soviet jazz vocal, the Russian Ella Fitzgerald. Even nowadays, she is still matchless in the jazz mainstream. Tatevick's manner of singing is heavily influenced by traditional Armenian music. She has sang in America, Europe, Australia. She received applauses at Lincoln center and Carnegie Hall.

Ivan Tchijevsky - Moscow, 2008

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