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DustyTape - Fiesta En Mix Corazon - Con Mucho Gusto Vol.4

DustyTape - Fiesta En Mix Corazon - Con Mucho Gusto Vol.4
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-05-10

PUERTO RICO, MEXICO, HAITI, VENEZUELA, NEW YORK, PERU, SENEGAL, BENIN, CONGO, COLOMBIA. Thru 12 pieces and 12 different countries, this 4th volume of Con Mucho Gusto travels across the Latin music spectrum, exploring rhythms from funk to cumbia, compas and salsa dura, for all those with a weakness for African groups covering Cuban standards with such class and heat that the Buena Vista Social Club sounds like some cold wave Caribean thing! The tracks presented here are all rather obscure, shamefully cut for the most, during the game of the mix and search for quintessence. Que goce!

Tracklisting :
01. La Crema de Nueva York - Cisko Kid
(from 'El Party' album, 1970 / UA Latina)
02. Seguida - Funky Felix
(from 'Love is... Seguida' album, 1974 / Fania)
03. Los Destellos - Boogaloo Del Perro
(from 'En La Cumbre' album, 19?? / Tempsa)
04. Raphy Leavitt y Su Orquesta La Selecta - Fiesta En Mi Corazon
(from 'Con Sabor A Tierra Adenro' album, 1977 / Multinational)
05. Ouza et ses Ouzetees - Guajira
(from 'Lat-Dior 1975-1990' compilation, 2002 / Popular African Music)
06. Grupo Santa Cecilia - Yeh-Yeah Bump
(from 'Bump' compilation, 1975 / Orfeon)
07. Perez Prado - Bump
(from 'Bump' compilation, 1975 / Orfeon)
08. Afrosound - Tiro Al Blanco
(from 'Tiro Al Blanco')
09. Les Shleu Shleu - L'Evangile
(from 'A New York' album, 1975 / Mini Records)
10. Sexteto Juventud - La Carcel
(from 'La Juventud Se Impone' album, 1975 / VELVET)
11. Cornaire Salifou et l'Orchestre El Rego - Gangnidodo
(from 'Gangnidodo' 7 inch / Editions Populaires)
12. Vicky et l'Orchestra OK Jazz - A Moins Que Namikosa
(From 'A Moins Que Namikosa' 7 Inch / Viclong)

Track by track review (in French) and all original record covers are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by DustyTape (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls (

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