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DJ Zhao - Punk In Africa

DJ Zhao (Ngoma Soundsystem, Berlin) - Official Punk In Africa Mix
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(MP3 Podcast on 2011-03-13

When we asked Erik Rug (friend/collaborator/neighbour/resident DJ at David Lynch's club Le Silencio in Paris) for some musical tips for an upcoming 21st Century Afro mix last week, he pointed us right away towards DJ Zhao's Punk In Africa mixtape, demonstrating the connectedness between Rock and Roll and its African roots, between power chords and dance beats, between decades past and today, between defiant youth in London and defiant youth in Zimbabwe - and that the same rhythmic blood and spirit of revolt runs in all of our veins. This mix includes exclusive mashups and re-edits, and goes from Punk to heavily Africanized Rebel Rock to Post-Punk, Dance-Punk, Political Dub, Punk Step, 60s Afro-Garage Techno, Bass Music and beyond, features remixes of Congotronics and a couple of tunes not from the motherland, but surely in keeping with the Afro-Punk spirit. We couldn't thank Erik enough for letting us discover this amazing mix and contacted right away Keith Jones, one of the two directors of the upcoming Punk In Africa movie highlighting the parallels between punk rebellion and the liberation struggle in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and further afield. As a matter of fact, Keith is a big fan of Paris DJs and has been for some time, he frequently plays a couple of Grant Phabao dubs in his own sets, and told us DJ Zhao and himself would be more than pleased to have the mix featured as a guest spot on the site! Well we ain't discussing and waiting any longer, here's the mix as we got it, you'll find plethora of links about the Punk In Africa movie and DJ Zhao in the rest of the entry. Get ready for a big slap in your ears!

Tracklisting :
01. (South Africa) National Wake - Black Punk Rockers
02. (South Africa) National Wake - Mercenaries
03. (South Africa) KOOS - Is Jy N Moegoe
04. (South Africa) National Wake - Dreams In My Head
05. (Zimbabwe) Chikwata 263 - Dudumduri
06. (South Africa) Dread Warriors - Xighangu Xamina
07. (South Africa) National Wake - Tchindi (live)
08. (UK) Andy Moor - From E to F + Pinch - Warlord
09. (South Africa) Kalahari Surfers - Don’t Dance (live) + Bass Boy - Stamp
10. (DR Congo) Docteur Nico and African Fiesta - Save Me
11. (Mozambique) 340ML - Shotgun (Zhao Fix)
12. (Zimbabwe) Evicted - Mapurisa (Remix)
13. (Zimbabwe) Chikwata 263 - In the Jungle
14. (South Africa) National Wake ft. Warrick Sony - Bolina (Kalahari Mix) + Cyrus - Manhatten Blues
15. (UK) Andy Moor - Ella Speed + Unknown
16. (DR Congo) Kasai Allstars - The Incident At Mbuji-Mayi (Bass Clef Remix)
17. (DR Congo) Kasai Allstars - Mukuba Special (Shackleton Remix)
18. (France / UK) DJ Rupture and Andy Moor - Broken Minded
19. (South Africa) Powerage - Waiting For the War
20. (South Africa) Powerage - Freedom + FilthyBeatz - Bounced
21. (Angola) Acromaniacos - unknown
22. (South Africa) KOOS - Ek Is My Dilemma
23. (South Africa) Fuzigish - Burn the Fucking House Down
24. (South Africa) Wild Youth - All Messed Up
25. (South Africa) Wild Youth - Wot About Me
26. (Tanzania) Jagwa Sound System - Watu na Maisha Yao
27. (South Africa) A-Cads - Down The Road
28. (South Africa) The Dynamics - Garlic Baloney
Total time : 75:39

Read more about the Punk In Africa movie and DJ Zhao on the Paris DJs blog.

Links :
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