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Chris Menist - Paradise Bangkok Mix

Chris Menist - Paradise Bangkok Mix
(MP3 Podcast on Soundway, 2011-04-21

Chris Menist is a Thailand based DJ and writer, and is one half of the team behind the Paradise Bangkok club night, alongside DJ Maft Sai. The pair also put together The Sound of Siam - Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz, and Molam in Thailand 1964-1975 (Soundway) and Thai? Dai! The Heavier Side of the Luk Thung Underground (Finders Keepers) compilations. Those compilations have blown our minds at Paris DJs headquarters. We're very proud to invite Chris for this mix of rare 7 inches from all over the world, from Thai Folk to Jamaican Reggae, Beninese Afrobeat, Ethiopian Jazz and more…

Tracklisting :
01. Unknown Yemeni 7 inch
02. Kobkul Wongsawad - Lam Plearn Hug Num Ban Na (Phin Kaen 7 inch)
03. Buppha Saichol - Roob Lor Thom Pai (Star Records 7 inch)
04. Piya Takoonratch - Isan Ban Kong Hao (Petch Phin Tong 7 inch)
05. Collins Oke Elaiho and His Odoligie Nobles Dance Band - Omoniyakioya (Philips 7 inch)
06. Marcia Griffiths - Working To The Top (My Ambition) (Studio One blank 7 inch)
07. Marion Black - Who Knows (Capsoul 7 inch)
08. Mahmoud Ahmed - Yefikir Woha Timu (Mahmoud Records 7 inch)
09. Sextette Camayenne - Kaniba (Syliphone 7 inch)
10. Maneerat Kaewsadej - Kiew Choo Puen
11. Kana Petch Plachai Band - Lam Plearn Dok Koon Siang Khaen (CTL 7 inch)
12. Montein Teinthong - Kor Kai (Phin Kaen 7 inch)
13. Prince Alla - Their Reward (Dalphin 7 inch)
14. Dillinger - Freshly (Prophets 7 inch)
15. Orchestre Poly Rythmo - E Wa Dagbe (Albarika Store 7 inch)
16. Chailai and Duangdao - Chak Mak Pai (Archer 7 inch)
17. Plearn Promdan - Wan Maha Sanook (Mocking Bird 7 inch/'Sound of Siam' Soundway Compilation)
18. Samsak Band - Pu Yai Lee (Three Cats 7 inch)

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Chris Menist (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork taken from The Sound of Siam album design by Lewis Heriz (
Layout by Djouls (

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