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Bio Ritmo - Salsa Pa’l Mundo

Bio Ritmo - Salsa Pa’l Mundo
(MP3 Podcast on Electric Cowbell, 2011-12-15

Did you pass on La Verdad, the latest Bio Ritmo album released at the end of the summer on Electric Cowbell Records? If that's the case, then you've missed the Salsa album of the year, no less. The only letdown of this fantastic and frantic record is its length - under 40 minutes - definitively too short, but explainable by the fact that it's also available on a (heavily recommended) vinyl. Rei Alvarez, one of the main forces of the group, prepared for Paris DJs a mix of his old vinyls, the only kind of records he's got... and a he's got a lot of it!. It's a selection of music that has influenced Bio Ritmo, which doesn't include many tracks from the awesome Fania Records catalog, but rather focuses on its shadows, smaller and independent Salsa music that was released during the 70's and 80's. The one-hour long resulting mix is as killer as the album, with lots of very rare stuff, And we're as honored to have Bio Ritmo onboard of the Paris DJs podcast, as they were to be featured in the latest, Latin issue of Wax Poetics! I think I've already said that, but get the album, you don't hear amazing Salsa with psychedelic hints of ethio jazz, afrobeat or dub that often!!

Tracklisting :
01. Dick Hyman - The Topless Dancers of Corfu (excerpt)
(from 'Moog - The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman' album, 1969 / Command Records)
02. Haciendo Punto en Otro Son - Mambo Mago
(from 'Haciendo Punto En Otro Son' album, 1978 / Artomax)
03. Cheo Feliciano - Periodico de Siempre
(from 'Profundo' album, 1982 / Vaya Records)
04. Ismael Rivera - Seis de Borinquen
(from 'Feliz Navidad' album, 1975 / Tico Records)
05. Marty Galagarza y La Conquistadora - La Tristeza
(from 'Pinocho' album, 1974 / Vaya Records)
06. Raul Marrero Y Su Orquesta - Las Modas de Hoy
(from 'Salsa Internacional All Stars Vol.2' compilation, 1979 / Salsa International)
07. Bobby Valentin Y Su Orquesta - Como Me Duele La Piel
(from 'Como Nunca' album, 1990 / Bronco Records)
08. Sammy Gonzalez - Buscame
(from 'El Rey De La Salsa' album, 1980, Funny)
09. El Sonido Original con Luisito Marti y Anthony Rios - Melancolia
(from 'El Sonido Original con Luisito Marti y Anthony Rios' album, 1978 / Karen Records)
10. Marvin Santiago - Cuando No Te Acuerdes
(from 'Fuego A La Jicotea' album, 1979 / TH Records)
11. Tata Vazquez y Su Cucumay - Villa Azul
(from 'Tata Vazquez Y Su Cucumay' album, 1973 / Mericana Records)
12. Raphy Leavitt y su Orquesta La Selecta - Quien es Quien
(from 'Soledad album, 1979 / Rio Piedras Records)
13. Cano Estremera - Pide y Toma
(from 'El Nino De Oro' album, 1986 / PDC)
14. Sammy Gonzalez - Con El Correr de Los Dias
(from 'Sammy Gonzalez' album, 1981 / Funny)
15. Conjunto Universal - Oyelo Bien
(from 'Dando Candela..!' album, 1974 / Velvet Records)
Total time : 59:44, recorded november 14, 2011

All the original cover artworks are available on the Paris DJs blog

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Rattan DJ aka Rei Alvarez from Bio Ritmo
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( copying the Bio Ritmo La Verdad album and using a design by Rei Alvarez who did all of the band's album covers since 2003

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