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Adrian Younge's Dark Soul

Adrian Younge's Dark Soul
(MP3 Podcast on 2012-01-31

Adrian Younge is a man of his word. Last November we did an exclusive interview with Adrian when he released his stunning new album Something About April performed by Venice Dawn (Wax Poetics), in which he promised to build us an exclusive mix. So here is the thing, a short yet solid all-vinyl, mash-up style, romantic soul and cinematic mix.

Sorry, no track listing this time!

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Adrian Younge
Audio Mastering by Grant Phabao ( Art cover layout by Djouls & Nicolas Ragonneau (
Photo by Adam Tillman-Young For

Check our exclusive interview with Adrian Younge
Adrian Younge and Venice Dawn : discogs | facebook | myspace | twitter
Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | twitter | soundcloud | youtube

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