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Doctor L and Manu Boubli - Mind Radio Show #1 Pt. 1
(MP3 from the archives of Paris DJs) Mind Service, 2005-10-14

An old school now but still an all-time favorite of many listeners, here's the first half of the first volume of the Mind Radio Show curated by Doctor L, currently releasing album after album on his brand new colored-inc label and rehearsing for upcoming dates with his new band Black Cowboys, and Manu Boubli, currently running the exceptional Superfly Records store in Paris and online.

Tracklisting Part 1 :
01. Mind - Introduction
02. Psyco - Dear Mr President
(from 'There Must Be a Revolution Somewhere' 2005 / Mind)
03. Build an Ark - You've Gotta Have Freedom
(from 'Peace With Every Step' 2003 / Kindred Spirit)
04. Haki R Madubati - Poetry Interlude
05. Psyco - Danger Danger
(from 'There Must Be a Revolution Somewhere' 2005 / Mind)
06. Masequa Myers and Jami Ayinde - Black Land Of The Nile
(from 'Black Fairy' 1975 / BBF)
07. Mulatu Of Ethiopia - Mulatu
(from 'Mulatu Of Ethiopia' 1972 / Worthy)
08. Psyco - Na Di Langue
(from 'There Must Be a Revolution Somewhere' 2005 / Mind)

Info :
Selected and mixed by Doctor L (Colored-Inc.) and Manu Boubli (Superfly Records)
Mastered by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Doctor L, layout by Djouls

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